Frugal Fridays: Homemade Detergents…

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Hello Dear Friends,

We have made our laundry detergent off and on for years. It saves soooo much money!! We have always made the liquid into a large bucket. Kinda messy and takes up space. So after discovering a sweet new friend on You Tube and conversing via email…I am changed!! Anitra Kerr has some wonderful You Tube organizational videos that initially “hooked” me. 🙂 Then I have begun this amazing journey into all her great resources!!

Here is a wonderful recipe for a DRY laundry detergent!! It makes a very concentrated product that can be used in your HE washers!! YEA!!!! I will be kicking the bucket and making our new and improved option!!

While researching online for a written recipe….I also discovered a recipe for a dry dishwasher soap recipe!! Woo Hoo!!! And many of the ingredients of the two are similar or things I already have or use. Excellent!!

I pray you are blessed and these recipes benefit your family!! I also pray we all have a great quality product that will save our families hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year!! PTL!!!

Have a wonderfully blessed Friday,

k xoxo


Homemade Dry/Powder Laundry Soap


1 cup borax

1 cup washing soda (NOT BAKING SODA)

1 bar of soap

(Yes, a whole box of borax and washing soda costs more but you only need one cup of each. You can share with 4 friends. Or I would just adjust to make a larger batch to use all. Purchase additional bars of soap….or use some on the homemade dish washing soap.)

1. Grate bar of soap into a bowl or plastic storage container (or run through your food processor…I will be trying this one on the grate disc. Easy peasy and it’s just soap…wash and go).

2. Add in one cup of borax powder.

3.  Add in one cup of Armor and Hammer Washing Soda.

4. Mix for a couple of minutes with a spoon until all the grated soap breaks up. It will look just like regular powder laundry detergent!! 😉

5. Be sure to keep all detergent in an air tight container with your official tablespoon…scoop!! YES…tablespoon!!! WOW!!! 😉

Use one tablespoon per load and 1  1/2 tablespoons for huge or extra dirty loads.

Also you can try white distilled vinegar instead of fabric softner!! WOW!!!

(Do a test run on a load not so important. We did this!! Also, we have acute atopic dermatitis….and we can use this soap!! 😉 And that is not easily said about most detergents.

Homemade Dishwasher Soap


3 cups Borax

3 cups washing soda- NOT BAKING SODA

1 and 1/2 cup salt

1  1/2 cup Lemi-Shine (powder)

Mix all ingredients together.

Use 1-2 tablespoons per load. (You may need to play with this amount to fit your needs.)

Store in an airtight container with another Tablespoon…yes TABLESPOON!!! 😉 YEA!!! )


Hopefully these recipes will help you be a bit more organized (they last so much longer…you can stock up!!!), clean your home better and save a little….

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