Frugal Fridays…

checked off to do lists on clipboard

Hello Dear Friends,

I have just come home from a major Walmart and grocery store shopping trip. I honestly feel one of my job titles is “Acquisitions” as wife and mom. Car filled  to the roof….and blessings over flowing!! I am so thankful for paydays and a job that helps us in our day to day family’s needs!!FYI: with a family that has special diet/severe food allergies…we can be a very expensive family to feed!! So I am amazed at how the Lord provides tremendous values for quality items purchased.

Did you know you don’t have to take a paper to find coupons, weekly specials ads, etc? You can use in-store coupons and online coupons!! LOVE IT!! Also, some coupons can be used right off your phone.  Also spend a little time and research best prices online. Though I live in a small town…this saves me soooo much money and time!! So I made my lists based on each store and online research for the best deals…and I was off early this morning!!

grocery storegoing down the aise

Another thing, I always go to Walmart first. It will usually give me the best deals…especially on dry goods and home items. I am soooo thankful as well for all their gluten free items. They were the first to do a great job at many quality offerings stocked and wonderful prices. A must have in our family!!

Today I was looking for a certain item to make homemade (dry/powder) clothes washing soap. (I will share this recipe later today.) I have been making the liquid laundry detergent for a few years now and honestly…I saw a You Tube by a sweet new friend, on the efficiency of the dry homemade soap…even with an HE washer!!! 🙂 So of course the lists of items needed was on my Walmart list.  I was able to purchase all but one main ingredient and our local grocer carried it!! PTL!!

Another tip I am sure you already do, save your cold items for your last stop. Living in the South, it is already good and hot by 10:00 am this morning. I use all kinds of coolers and cold packs…but even simple things can melt if I don’t time it right!! Hey…I admit it, I gotta have me a little chocolate and Walmart is a better buy for this item! 😉

And  finally our local grocer’s produce is much, much better than our Walmart. So know your local stores!! 🙂 It was a big deal when they rebuilt our Walmart into a larger store in our town. It is not a Super Walmart but it is a great size store. Unfortunately, the one thing they do not in any way have right yet is the produce. It has been a while now and I would of hoped for better. I am shocked each time I go in, how they have empty areas and what is in stock looks…well, bad. There is limited if any organics and the bananas even turn much faster than our local grocer. So again…know your stores.

fruit and veggies at grocery store

So kudos to HEB our local grocery store!! They do a fantastic job in stocking unusual items and produce…even organics!! They take unusual requests and they have FANTASTIC sales and local coupons…literally taped to the items!! Sooooo easy!! I bought canning jars for much cheaper than Walmart today and they even had a $2.00 off coupon!!! WOW!!!  And when I check out, they always ask if I found everything I needed…great customer service!! And on the rare occasion I have missed something, the check out person will send someone to pick it up for me!! WOW, LOVE IT!! They also have an extra bagger…so quicker lines!! And they always offer to load my car…though I rarely take them up on this. But every now and then when my joints are a bit too achy…I will!! And I am always blessed by a local young lady or young man who I get to bless and encourage…usually in conversations about their education. (OK…old school teachers never die in pushing education!! 😉 )

grocery cart

So as you read this disjointed…bumbling basically journal of today, what is its purpose? Well, I sat down to cool down and drink my iced tea after my shopping hauls and all the unpacking!! 😉 And as I sat here I wanted to share thoughts on “how do we acquire the best quality and deals on our groceries and home items in the most time saving and efficient manner?” And today was an amazing day of finding great buys, excellent quality and in the best saved amount of time.

grocery haul

Quick key tips:

1) Research online

2) Plan your route

3) Eat your meal before shopping (you will not hungry tummy over spend)

4) Take a water, tea, coffee, etc. to stay refreshed while shopping

5) Look for the store brands and sales before purchasing name brands (even our local store gives coupons on their brands that beat name brand coupons…and same quality!!)

6) Plan all list by stores and know your lists and store aisles.

7) If you can’t find something…ask. My sweet honeys sometimes just give up the search, and if you ask…the store attendants can check stock easily with a scanning gun or literally go look in the back. And in some stores, if they are out they will gladly give you a rain check or even a discount once in. Our small town desperately wants to keep local business and they do a great job at meeting our needs. One time they gave my husband a whole case of his favorite mineral waters due to his ongoing inconvenience in trying to repeatedly order. WOW!! What a blessing.

8) Look into ordering bulk. Some stores give a case discount…I LOVE this one!! It is a great way to “stock up” and of course save money!! 😉

8) Check clearance ALWAYS!! I find pre-cut produce is such a blessing in this area!! Also, I may try something I was interested in but refuse to pay full value. Today I found the quickie packs of honey peanut butter clearanced for 60% off retail…so I cleaned the shelf. I bought over 90 packets. And they are good until December!! Woo Hoo!!! Great for outing snack bags and lunches for my sweet husband when at work, etc.!! PTL!!! PS…ALWAYS check expiration dates, especially on clearance!! 😉

9) Always find one sale item and double stock. It takes some planning, but like the peanut butter packs…we are set for the next 5 months at an amazing price!! And what a treat!! I also double stocked on paper towels and tp. Our local grocery store brand had an amazing coupon on an already discounted item…so voila!! Easy peasy!!

Well Dear Friends, I pray you are abundantly blessed with your “acquisitions” and hopefully I have shared something that will add to your already efficient arsenal of best purchases and money saving efforts for your family!! 😉  

Have a beautifully blessed day in the Lord,

k xoxo


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