Quick Easy Peasy Healthy Banana Dessert Ideas…

Craving dessert: chop up a banana, sprinkle cinnamon on it, and drizzled it with honey. This is so, so good and really tastes like dessert but still healthy! FYI use local honey & it will help with seasonal allergies too!

Hello Dear Friends,

Craving dessert? Why not try a banana?!?! Here are some fun and easy ways to have a quick and easy, healthy and satisfying dessert!! 😉


k xoxo


1) Chop a banana, sprinkle cinnamon on top and drizzle with honey. If you use honey…try to find local raw honey…so much better for you and great for allergies. 🙂 ~ Marie on Pinterest

 Soooo healthy and I love how satisfying this is!! You could easily use Agave if you don’t want it that sweet or stop with cinnamon.

2)I also LOVE chopped bananas topped with frozen organic blueberries!! To me it’s like a creamy ice cream!! 😉 

3) Chop bananas and top with cocoa powder and honey…YUM!!!

4) Chop bananas and top with peanut butter. I LOVE this one with mushed bananas and extra chunky organic peanut butter!! And even a good maple peanut butter is good too!! 😉 You can spread on bread or eat it right out of the bowl!! 😉 

5) Slit down the length of a banana in the skin, slightly pull open enough to top in dark organic chocolate and chopped nuts of choice. Place banana on a plate in the microwave for 30 seconds or until chocolate has melted. Carefully remove and eat right out of the “banana boat”.  

The list is endless…please send me some of your favorites!! I will add them to this post. 🙂

 **Thank you to Marie on Pinterest for such a great  suggestion…gets the mind thinking of all the yummy ways to enjoy healthy, affordable and most importantly tasty desserts!! 😉

Have a great day in the Lord,

k xoxo


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