My Sweet Little Friend…


Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share some pics of my little friend…Squeakems. He is growing and looking more beautiful each day. As Sun Conures age their head color changes. So I thought I would share. And he is NEVER dull!! 🙂

You all have been so sweet asking about Squeakems…or Senor El Loud Mouth as my husband affectionately called him a couple of weekends ago. 🙂 Not so flattering a name but I hate to say it…he is loud…all Sun Conures are loud. But we work hard on positive reinforcement to talk quietly. 🙂 They are the loudest of all the Conures. But he is so sweet, cute and funny…all is good. 🙂



You can’t slow this guy down!! Mr. Action Jackson!! 🙂

He will literally swing like on a trapeze from swing to toy to perch to chains to swings. He has many perches, many swings and several hanging activity toys. Such a cutie!!! 😉

I think he is preparing for when the circus comes to town. Watch out Barnum and Bailey!! 😉


Ok…this is the cutest thing EVER!!! He decided to make a little sheet sleeping bag/cocoon.

He was very loud and is still adjusting to his larger cage. So for added security, I put a sheet over the cage for night. And I lift it on the front and sides during the day. He decided he wanted lights out for nap time one afternoon and made his own little sleeping bag.

OK…that is the CUTEST thing ever!!

He is sooooo smart!! 🙂 (OK…I am the proud Birdie Mommy!! 😉 )


Officially sleeping…until he heard be say his name.

Then out he comes….Mr. Curious George!! 😉


Just wanting his Birdie Mommy….”hold me, hold me!! ” 🙂

I pray you had fun seeing Squeekems and his fun antics!! 😉

May the Lord bless you this evening,

k and Squeekems


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