Encouragement Scripture For This Day…July 9, 2013

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Good morning Dear Friends,

I must encourage you that in times of trouble or concern, when we are weak and He is strong!! 🙂 Call and He will answer and strengthen  you for His will in your life!! 🙂 PTL!!

For two hours last night we were in a wonderful Christ centered civil and orderly rally at our state capitol. It was such a blessing!! The leadership of our state were standing firm for the current legislation. It was a blessing to hear they were holding fast to scripture in light of the vote right now. Amen!! The Lord is so good to have such Godly people in leadership!!

Then as the rally began to end, we turned around to have a sea of those with a very different opinions march through chanting, with arms up pumping the air and shortly in a matter of minutes it escalated to screaming in a somewhat fevered pitch over the Christian praise music being sung on the Capitol steps.

All I could do was pray and ask the Lord for His wisdom. I held up the “I love you” sign in sign language, smiled, looked at the individuals in their eyes and would tell each person who passed me “God loves you”.

It was only the love of Christ that allowed me to be there, not add to the anger being expressed and literally had individuals who were polar opposites in their beliefs and opinions to reach out to me…literally if only to shake my hand. I saw and spoke to young women, older women, children, young men and a few older men.

I was humbled to smile and share the love of Christ. For those who were at times frenzied in their protest again I was humbled to have them to stop and respond…sometimes their response was a shocked one but and there were many sweet responses. I am humbled that so many thanked me for smiling and being willing to speak to them.

It was the smile so many commented on. I don’t know why…if we are to be like Christ, only our joy in the Lord can be what can be shared in moments like this. I prayed I would not be seen but Christ in me…Him alone.  I tried to genuinely look into the eyes of those we met and expressed love. I was amazed at the instant dialogues that took place and that somehow we could hear each other. Words spoken in love to hurting hearts opens doors.

Please know this is my humble experience and thoughts. I am sharing my personal calling. This may not be yours. 🙂 Seek the Lord for His will in your life.

To God be the glory. Many of those I encountered I know without a shadow of a doubt may have never heard the Good News. And I was so thankful to share the love of Christ. Please pray with me for these Dear Ones.

When I am so weak and tired physically…sore knees, bad feet, weekend immune system…I will tell you without a doubt the Lord literally held me up, at times parted the way in a very tight sea of people and allowed me to reach out to those in such pain and anger with the Lord’s loving protection. May those who I speak with see only Christ. It is only His love and His grace that can reach those that  I am blessed to meet these days.

I know Christians are frustrated with the state of our nation at times. But instead of seeing the mob…see the individual. Stand firm with the Word, armor up and we must show the genuine love of Christ. The verse the Lord told me over and over last Monday was:

Proverbs 15:1 says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

Be aware of your facial expressions and remember to smile for an opportunity to open up dialogue…the opportunity to share Jesus.

Now…I say all this in love and know I am not a great spokesperson, a great writer nor am I as educated as some.

I just have a desire to humbly serve the Lord and I am sharing the wonderful things the Lord has taught me through the years. I pray you are blessed today.

And no matter what this day, please be encouraged and remember He created you, He knows you, He gave you your gifts and talents, He has a wonderful will for your life…

He loves you so Dear Friend.

May we serve our Savior well this day,

k xoxo

Morning and Evening
Charles H. Spurgeon
July 8, 2013

Morning Reading
Tell me I pray thee wherein thy great strength lieth.

Where lies the secret strength of faith? It lies in the food it feeds on; for faith studies what the promise is—an emanation of divine grace, an overflowing of the great heart of God; and faith says, “My God could not have given this promise, except from love and grace; therefore it is quite certain His Word will be fulfilled.” Then faith thinketh, “Who gave this promise?” It considereth not so much its greatness, as, “Who is the author of it?” She remembers that it is God who cannot lie—God omnipotent, God immutable; and therefore concludeth that the promise must be fulfilled; and forward she advances in this firm conviction. She remembereth, why the promise was given,—namely, for God’s glory, and she feels perfectly sure that God’s glory is safe, that He will never stain His own escutcheon, nor mar the lustre of His own crown; and therefore the promise must and will stand. Then faith also considereth the amazing work of Christ as being a clear proof of the Father’s intention to fulfil His word. “He that spared not His own Son, but freely delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” Moreover faith looks back upon the past,for her battles have strengthened her, and her victories have given her courage. She remembers that God never has failed her; nay, that He never did once fail any of His children. She recollecteth times of great peril, when deliverance came; hours of awful need, when as her day her strength was found, and she cries, “No, I never will be led to think that He can change and leave His servant now. Hitherto the Lord hath helped me, and He will help me still.” Thus faith views each promise in its connection with the promise‐giver, and, because she does so, can with assurance say, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life!”

Evening Reading
Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

When the believer has begun with trembling feet to walk in the way of the Lord, he asks to be still led onward like a little child upheld by its parent’s helping hand, and he craves to be further instructed in the alphabet of truth. Experimental teaching is the burden of this prayer. David knew much, but he felt his ignorance, and desired to be still in the Lord’s school: four times over in two verses he applies for a scholarship in the college of grace. It were well for many professors if instead of following their own devices, and cutting out new paths of thought for themselves, they would enquire for the good old ways of God’s own truth, and beseech the Holy Ghost to give them sanctified understandings and teachable spirits. “For thou art the God of my salvation.” The Three‐One Jehovah is the Author and Perfecter of salvation to His people. Reader, is He the God of your salvation? Do you find in the Father’s election, in the Son’s atonement, and in the Spirit’s quickening, all the grounds of your eternal hopes? If so, you may use this as an argument for obtaining further blessings; if the Lord has ordained to save you, surely He will not refuse to instruct you in His ways. It is a happy thing when we can address the Lord with the confidence which David here manifests, it gives us great power in prayer, and comfort in trial. “On Thee do I wait all the day.” Patience is the fair handmaid and daughter of faith; we cheerfully wait when we are certain that we shall not wait in vain. It is our duty and our privilege to wait upon the Lord in service, in worship, in expectancy, in trust all the days of our life. Our faith will be tried faith, and if it be of the true kind, it will bear continued trial without yielding. We shall not grow weary of waiting upon God if we remember how long and how graciously He once waited for us.

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