Small Town July 4th Rodeo, Family and Fun!!

Hello Dear Friends,

My apologies for not posting as much the last few days. After a week of illness, a death of a Dear One’s Son, sore back and some heart concerning local/state politics…PTL, the Lord blessed us with such a lovely refuge of family and fun!!


(Opening ceremonies honoring the military.)

 The 4th of July is a special time for our family to come from throughout the state and gather for the local rodeo in my parents’ town. We so appreciate my parents hosting. And we all enjoy the rodeo Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night.


(Beautiful opening with a girls team riding paint horses interweaving perfectly.)

Lots and lots of good food…usually BBQ, lots of silly giggles, water fun, yummy desserts, more giggles and silliness galore!! The children play games, talk, giggle, ride the mechanical bull, chase calfs, ride sheep aka mutton busting ;), cheer and share all that is going on in their lives. The olders actually do the same without the bull riding, calf scramble and mutton busting…we just cheer ridiculously loudly!!! 😉 Oh and of course lip singing to the music while the music plays at the rodeo!! Oh, and for more added fun (and embarassing our children, we find water bottles, hair brushes, phones to sing into!! 😉 LOVE IT!!!!)


(Local children in the calf scramble…they run to catch the flag on each calf and win a rodeo t shirt!! So sweet…siblings helping each other…precious!!! One of our nephews, the youngest…came back with a t shirt. Quite a prize!! 🙂 )

We had all in town for Thursday night. Soooo much fun catching up and seeing how much all the children have grown!!! My brother had his beautiful children all duded out in their official cowboy/cowgirl gear!! Hat, boots, jeans…etc. They looked just charming!! They unfortunately could only stay one night and had to head back early Friday for his work. Then Friday afternoon the rest of us took the children to a fun family movie. Our other sweet nephews were full of fun, giggles and one is now taller than I am!!! YIKES!!! Such handsome and sweet boys!! Lots and lots of fun!! Then back to town for  more yummy dinner and exciting rodeo! 🙂


(So many good people ready to be there for the riders and the animals.)

And today was suppose to be swimming in the river, BBQ and then more rodeo fun tonight. But unfortunately my sweet husband was not feeling well. Woke up ill but wouldn’t let on. We politely took a break from the swimming…and let all rest. But by tonight, he was still struggling so he finally fessed up. We all thought it best for him to stay close to home. He has rested and enjoyed quiet time with our son.


(The running of the horses. Absolutely majestic!! I seem to find encouragement when I see horses run. Especially a nice size herd. I love the beauty, rhythm and regal-ness of these amazing animals.)

Some of the family did go swimming in the river this afternoon and then they had to head back to their home. So tonight my sweet parents will rodeo, eat all their wonderful BBQ with my mother’s brother and his family.


(The bronc busting is a great time! It is amazing to see these men ride such wild animals with such style and grace. Genuinely an old skill needed in ranching…still today.

Oops upon closer inspection…this is bull riding!! 😉 But the bronc busting was exciting!!)

Such a lovely weekend of fun family and fun events. But admittedly I spoke to my sister and we are feeling a bit tired…all of us. Even the young ones!! 😉 So us middle age ones don’t feel too badly.

Nothing is as much fun as sweet family, BBQ, yummy desserts, fresh fruit, summer fun and the exciting rodeo events!!

I pray each of you had a lovely holiday weekend with your family and friends celebrating our wonderful nation!!

May the Lord continue to bless us all and may we do our best to do our part in keeping up all the original founding Father’s had in mind in forming our United States of America.

One of my favorite parts of the rodeo is hearing the announcer speak of our heritage, our soldiers and our great nation!! Humbling and encouraging all in one!! 🙂

I pray you enjoy some of the fun pictures and that you all had a lovely July 4th!!



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