Horrible Late Night Phone Call

praying woman

Good morning Dear Friends,

I usually post a Frugal Friday post and may later today, please forgive my delay.

Last night we had a late night phone call from an old friend. She was calling to let us know her youngest son, 21 years old…died in a car crash 2 miles from their home this past week. She first left a message on my phone. As I had stepped away for a moment and came back to listen to the voice mail. At this time of night, my phone is usually off for family down time. I was waiting for our own oldest adult child to call as she is away this week. I literally skipped breathing. It has been awhile since we last spoke…years. And to hear her voice and then hear why she called…I was numb and trembling all at once as I listened to the message.

I immediately called her back. We spoke for a while. She told me about all her boys…this young man was their youngest. She went on to tell me all the “information” on what happened, where and what comes next. I took notes on the funeral logistics as I was so lost in the moment, my mind was not processing the information. I just couldn’t believe all that was being said.

On top of it all, it was a time warp moment. I could just tell her our families had grown so much since we last spoke.

What do you say in moments like this? What do you do?

My mind began racing.  You literally begin to just pray for grace, mercy, compassion, love and  encouragement. All I could think to do was listen, let her know the Lord always has a plan, the Lord never leaves us or forsakes us and in our weaknesses He is strong. I tried to think of everything we learned with each baby we lost. Of course our two girls were just that babies. And this was a 21 year old son. There is a difference but loss of a child is loss of a child. We then tried to go to some short level of catch up. It all seemed so unreal. Again, what do you say…

As could be expected, it was a late night and not much sleep. I awoke this morning extremely tired and sad. Sad for such a young life to end so early, sad for the family left behind, sad that sin happens in this world that results in loss like this. I also thought about if the first sin had not happened, we would never experience sadness like this. What a different world it would have been. OK…I am not bashing Adam and Eve just sad. We are no better today at dealing with the temptation as they faced then.

My husband and I instantly looked at each other and spoke of our own adult children and youngest.  Knowing how truly precious they are to us, we could only feel their loss more. How much we want our own to live in the bubble of our safe care and protection. But as I listened to this friend last night, I realized a car wreck 2 miles from home is truly mind boggling. Safe country roads with few people. As we all know we all are in God’s hands. It is His timing . Our birth, lives and death are His to determine. Again…the Lord always has a plan. And during tragedies like these…we come to realize this more. There is tremendous peace in knowing God is in control and knows what is best for us. It after all is His-story.

Thank you for listening this morning to my tired ramblings.

I am leaving names out for privacy’s sake and I ask you Dear Friends to please pray for this family. The Lord knows their names. Please also pray for all traveling to the funeral. For us it will be a drive as well. And though we will be on a back pew somewhere and mostly likely no one will know we were there…we will gladly be there to celebrate this Christian, sweet, giggly, funny young man’s life. I just keep thinking of when he was young and giggled nonstop. He would tickle me when we talked. If I ever felt down…his giggle lifted my spirits. Funny, memories of his giggles today bring tears to my eyes…sorry, I have done well until just this moment. I can barely see the screen through fuzzy layer of tears. I remember the day he was born…and now I will go to see his body buried. Oh what heartache…thank you Lord for being with him in his final moments and there is great peace knowing he is with You now.

I was told there will be a large crowd…so large they have moved the funeral to a larger friend’s church. I wanted to be sure my husband was up to the trip down…as there is still illness being recovered from in our home for a week now. Then my husband said, you don’t go to be seen…but to honor this young man…we’ll be fine. What a fine husband I am married to. I couldn’t have said it better.

Prayers for this family, prayers for the travelers and prayers for each of you this day. Seek the Lord in all things and fully rely upon Him my Dear Sweet Friends. In all things give Him the glory…even in our tragedies. Trust in Him…and He will direct your paths. And if lacking in wisdom…go to the Word. Psalms and Proverbs are full of encouragements in moments like these.

No matter what, know without a doubt…He loves you so,


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4 thoughts on “Horrible Late Night Phone Call

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Thank you Mrs. Juliana. Just hung up the phone letting out oldest know. So heartbreaking. But we know that in our sorrows Jesus is with us. He never leaves us or forsakes us Hebrews tells us.

      And amazingly our Heavenly Father knows the loss of His Son. He is and will be comforting and giving peace to all involved.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind heart and ongoing prayers!! You are truly a lovely sprinkling of Jesus’ love being showered down on this community!! May the Lord bless you and your ministry Dear One.

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