Monday’s Silly Fun

Hello Dear Friends,

Sorry I am a day late due to family sickies…but better late than never!! 😉

My sweet Sister sends me the most hilarious silly animal pictures!! She does this to make me laugh and de-stress!! I LOVE her always….but there are no words to express what this means to me!!

She is such an incredible woman!!!

I thought I would take a lesson from her and share a couple with you…I pray you are blessed!!

Soooo cute!!! Collies are so sweeeeeeet!!!

I think I know that kitty!! She was at the movies last time I went!! 😉

Pro 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

So enjoy a good giggle today!! 😉


Picture credit: Pinterest


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Silly Fun

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Oh Kim, I am so sorry!! I hope you are feeling better. It is slow going round here. Severe sore throat. But the Lord is good and today we got back a little routine this afternoon. Whew…I am tuckered!! 😉

      You take care yourself sweet Friend!!

    • k at Healthy Living 4 Him says:

      Yes…me too!! I had a sweet sheltie in high school and college. He was so gentle and faithful. So this little one reminds me of our Brandy!!

      My Sister sends me some hilarious ones!! I just have to figure out how to get those from my phone messages to my blog!! 🙂 OK…now some of you out there are chuckling at my poor technical skills!! 😉 OK…your getting healthier by laughing!! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Juliana!! Have a giggle today!! It is actually good for us!! 😉 Isn’t the Lord wonderful to design us to need laughter and joy!?! 🙂

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