Frugal Fridays…

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Good Morning Dear Friends,

Have you shopped your fridge? I was bored with our usual meals.  So I began reading a lovely recipe in my stash and thought…I need to find one to fit my fridge right now. Not only do I have a good supply but I also need to use up what we have!! Though the chickens love when I get off track!! More scraps and clean out for them!! 😉

I am not sure about you…but sometimes nothing sounds good so I look around for a fresh new recipe. Yesterday I found a link to a website on a sweet woman’s blog who I just love. On this other website she was promoting healthy recipes. I found one that sounded fantastic!!! And with my load of on sale red peppers in my fridge…I was thrilled. I LOVE red peppers…they are sweet and soooo good for us!! So I have been trying to be “creative” and with such a busy week…I needed some extra encouragement!

So all this to say…shop for free in your fridge/pantry and find recipes online for FREE!! YEA!!! 🙂

I am excited to run all my errands today in the city and come home to an already planned tasty, healthy and a cost effective meal!!

With a little planning…I do mean little,  you too can do the same!!

Have a wonderfully Frugal Friday in the Lord,


PS…A few more last minute tips-I will also make a double recipe and put up half in the freezer for another day or another meal this weekend.:) And I will supplement some of the ground beef in the recipe with some of our yummy chopped pecans. This is a healthier protein source and again…FREE from our property!! PTL for all He provides each our families!! You have these gifts too…just look around…trade out with friends. I know for us, we barter all the time or just give our abundance as the Lord leads. It is such a blessing to give!! And we have been so blessed to receive as well!! God is so good to meet our needs!! 🙂


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