Thursday’s Thoughts…

organized closet

Good morning Dear Friends,

I thought I would share with you some thoughts on organization.

These days the Lord is allowing me the strength and time to reorganize our home!! Such a blessing!! For many years I was less than able to think through and have the vision for our home much less implement any organization.

We live in a much older yet lovely home. But with its older design, there is literally no real storage. FYI, in the olden days…there wasn’t a need for lots and lots of cabinet or closets. People just had less clothing…ie. work clothes and Sunday church outfit. And we have waaaayyyy more dishes, pans, pots, gadgets, groceries than our home builder did in his day. Also, he didn’t design necessarily large rooms either. 🙂  So organization is key!! Also, our home was not designed to have an office/craft room. So I am getting really creative in trying to design and organize multi use small spaces.

Some of the tips I am learning for our unusually designed spaces:

Use plastic clear boxes to store occasional use items ALWAYS labeled and put away in your storage area out of sight. 🙂 In a small space, you do not need to keep out all the stored or boxed business supplies, art supplies and in our home…endless books. I will continue moving all occasionally used items, well labeled to storage. I need the space for always used items. Also, my mind needs less clutter!! We always are so much more productive in a clean and non cluttered space. And yes, I used to be the one to say all these extra things inspired me…ok, I was fibbing and lacking the incentive to do a clear out!! 😉

Use organizational options: I LOVE Dollar Tree. I have written about this resource before. There are endless opportunities for great organizational tools at DT. I missed out when they had a larger low sided basket for pantry organization. I am thrilled I could use them to organize my parents pantry…but wish they would bring these back for my own pantry organization!! 😉 (So hint…buy it when they are there…some things are not stocked items!!) I also use items from there that weren’t necessarily meant for organizing. I LOVE little pots (garden item) or tupperware food storage items for organizing my closets or bathroom items or even the cute flower pots for pen/paintbrush/pottery tool organization. They are cute and practical…and CHEAP!!! 😉 Love saving and getting all done to meet our needs beautifully!! 😉

Go to great websites, Container Store, etc. for ideas. OK…I am really cheap, but I love looking at other’s designs and recreating it for cheap!! Or if I do shop some of the resources it is only with MAJOR coupons!! 😉 I really then go to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart, even Goodwill/Thrift stores for organizational tools. Just get creative!!

I also love YouTube inspiration!!! I LOVE DoItOnADime, OrganizationalJen and Alejandra (Color Coded) on YouTube. They all have lovely ideas that you can copy for your home or help the creative juices flow for the development of your own designs…FUN! And they really MOTIVATE and INSPIRE me!!! 🙂 Wonderfully free blessings!!! 😉

Just a few ideas that I hope encourage you to look at your home in a new way!! Also remember shop your home first. Use items you already have in creative new ways!! (I LOVE doing this!!! 😉 I feel super duper creative and amazingly thrifty!! And shopping your home does wonders for your marriage!!! Something that my sweet husband loves!! 😉 Beautiful home and saving money!!! 😉

As a Christian, wife, mom and homemaker…I do desire to do my very best as if unto the Lord.

“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31 NASB

I not only pray it is my gift back to the Lord…I also pray it is a blessing to my family and those who come to visit our home. And honestly, when your home is in order…you are less chaotic in all the other areas of life!! FYI…when you know where your car keys are…it helps you be on time!! 😉

Have a wonderful day in the Lord and I pray we all do all as if unto the Lord,


PS-PLEASE share your tips and ideas!! I LOVE learning from all you!! 🙂



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