Monday’s Silly Fun


Hello Dear Friends,

A quick encouragement to take a minute…even when you are busy to eat something pretty, yummy and healthy!! 😉

Today I was so busy but my sweet youngest daughter made us a fun and yummy lunch!!

We have in stock a couple of Asian noodle individual lunches. Cook as described and then add fun chopped nuts(ours today is raw peanuts), some yummy veggies (ours sweet red peppers, you can use your yummy Summer veggies from your garden) and top with amazingly tasty black and white sesame seeds.

Voila…Silly Fun and incredibly YUMMY!!! It’s just that quick and easy!!

Thanks Sweeties!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,


PS-When in a hurry…have fun and pretty disposable plates, bowls and silverware. And if you add enough yummy fresh veggies and nuts…a single serving easily feeds two!! Affordable too! 😉


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