Tuesday’s Tips…

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Hello Dear Friends,

A quick hello. It has been a lovely and long day of a homeschool educational conference. PTL for such lovely ladies who have worked so hard to help prepare us to love and teach our children. My last leader ended with a wonderful perspective of the priorities of loving the Lord. Though this is a challenging program, keeping the Lord first is the most important!! AMEN!!!

I pray you are blessed and encouraged by Tuesday’s tips,


Get Organized With Little Sayings 

When it comes to getting organized, it truly helps to have a few little sayings in your head that you can easily recall throughout your day. Here are my 5 favorites…

1) A home for everything, and everything in its home.

Give the items you own a designated area or home in which it belongs. Something that is ‘homeless’ tends to get lost. Find a permanent spot for your things.

2) Don’t put it down. Put it away.

When you remove something from its home, put it back when you’re done using it. Leaving it on your kitchen counter just creates more clutter. Put it away as soon as you’re done using it.

3) File, don’t pile.

Even in the ‘information age’ we deal with a ton of paper. Make decisions on whether to shred, recycle, or file a piece of paper. And by all means, deal with your paper pile on a daily basis…this will help keep your stress levels lower.

4) Quality over quantity.

I love this saying! The more things you have, the easier it becomes for clutter to develop. Place an emphasis on the quality of them items you have versus the ‘how much’ or ‘how many’ of something you own. Having fewer, more important things is much better than accumulating a bunch of meaningless or useless items that are never used.

5) Find everything you need when you need it, and get it done when it’s due.

Being organized means ‘finding everything you need when you need it, and getting it done when it’s due…without stress’. It doesn’t mean that your house or office looks like a museum! So don’t worry if something is occasionally out of place, or your desk is a bit messy when you’re trying to accomplish a project. As long as you can find things quickly, and are meeting your deadlines, you’re doing OK!

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