Monday’s Silly Fun!!


Hello Dear Friends,

I have had a wonderful meal made for me/us!! I am having a silly fun lunch!! Ole’! 😉

Our sweet youngest made a lovely vegetarian scrumptious lunch today!! What a blessing!

It is soooo easy and yet soooo yummy!!

Non-gmo corn chips, vegetarian refried beans, chopped read onions, extra sharp finely grated cheese and easy peasy Wholly Guacamole (100 calorie packet). Warm your beans and layer away!! 😉

An extra encouragement…we share a packet of Wholly Guacamole between 3 of us…33 1/3 calories each!!! And we use an extra sharp cheddar…finely grated. First, the extra sharp is loaded with flavor…so you need less and finely grating the cheese makes a mountain out of a mole hill. I always feel as if I am over indulging on my yummy cheese…but honestly, it is just fluffier and tricks my mind in thinking I am eating more. 🙂 So fewer calories, less fat and more flavor!! LOVE IT!!! 😉 And if you are vegan…there are some lovely vegan cheeses too!!

So more plant-based meals are soooooo good for us and inexpensive too!!  🙂

Praise the Lord for our yummy silly decadent nachos…Ole’! 🙂 (And PTL for my sweetie who blessed us today!!)

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,



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