Frugal Friday: Molly Green’s Great Tips!! ;)

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Hello Dear Friends,
This is a new series I will post each Friday. 🙂 I will find wonderful tips to help us all in being wise with the gifts the Lord has given us!! 😉
Put on your fix-it hat!
Learn one of the best ways to save money– by doing repairs yourself!

One of the basic tenets of being frugal is to not buy a replacement item when what you currently own is repairable. In this month’s issue of Molly Green Magazine, you’ll learn from others in what NOT to do, find tips on painting, how to save a meal that you think is ruined, and much more! Being confident in your approach to repairs is one key to your success. Let Molly and her team share their secrets with you this month!

  • June is National Dairy Month. Be sure to enjoy some dairy goodness with a bowl of ice cream on June 7th, which is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!
  • Being content with what you have, especially when it’s not the shiny new model, can be a challenge. Learn how to find joy in the frugal journey with Molly.
  • Join Rhonda Barfield as she shares the adventures of Ken, the fix-it man. Ken was a prominent fixture in the Civil War-era mansion that Rhonda shared with her family for a time.
  • Are you short on shelf space? It’s a common thing for us frugal homemakers to try to make do with what we have. Let Sharon White show you how to repurpose cardboard boxes with a craft knife and glue into a sturdy toy shelf!
  • Sometimes when you are faced with a repair a bit beyond your scope of knowledge, the best thing to keep in mind is that “The worst you can do is break it more.” Being a bit fix-it impaired, this mantra helped Rhonda Barfield overcome some of her trepidation at repairs.
  • What do you do with a dish that is too salty? How about a dish that’s too sweet? Rhonda Barfield reveals some easy, quick fixes for those little oops moments!
  • Sometimes the things that need fixing are not appliances, fixtures, or furniture, but a simple thing like makeup. Let Molly show you how to salvage a broken foundation cake or tube of lipstick.
  • When you purchase products, they normally come with some sort of warranty. If the item needs to be replaced before that warranty time has expired, would you know where to find the paperwork that is needed for the exchange or refund? If you follow Molly’s tips for a warranty/instruction binder, you’ll always have this needful information right at your fingertips!
  • Finally, Molly shares her top three painting tips with you. Learn how she minimizes clean up, keeps the paint can lid clean, and what she does with the leftover paint.

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