What’s For Dinner Wednesday…

Hello Dear Friends,

We are having a wonderful dinner from our gardens!! I thought I would share some pictures and then a recipe.

Even though the squash grew too big on our recent trip out of state. It is sooooo sweet and tasty…all worked out just fine!!

I hope this encourages you to make something yummy and soooo healthy for your family’s dinner! 🙂

Have a wonderful evening,



Squash fresh from the garden…my sweet hubby’s garden. 🙂


Yummy healthy coconut oil. (I buy it bulk from our healthy co-op.)


Lots of squash, light green peppers (from my garden) and organic onions (from our c0-0p). Sauted in coconut oil and seasoned with fresh ground Himalayan sea salt, black pepper and chives. YUM!!! 😉


Voila!! Healthy garden blessings!! 😉

Garden Veggie Goodness

Penny and then slice pennies of squash. Cut in 4ths, rough chop peppers and rough chop the onion. Heat your pan, add 3 T. of coconut oil and saute all veggies. After all is going well…sprinkle with salt, pepper and chives to your likings. Enjoy!!! 🙂


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