Monday’s Moments: GF Blueberry Pancakes


Hello Dear Friends,

This morning as a gift to one of her siblings, our youngest sweetie made beautiful gf pancakes!! She topped them with my wonderful Mother’s Day gift from my sweet husband, yummy and easy blueberry syrup!! I have to say as she shared her gift with all of us…I was in hog heaven. We also had yummy fresh cantaloupe and some scrumptious Mediterranean yogurt topped with blueberries and bran buds!! OK…with so much yummy good food…this will have to be considered a brunch!! 😉 And I also had yummy mocha coffee with dark chocolate almond milk and iced Fruita Water green tea!! WOW!!! It felt like we were on vacation!!! 😉

I thought I’d share and encourage you this morning…the wonderful gf pancake/waffle mixes are very, very tasty!! And because we are casein free due to food allergies as well…these are very, very healthy pancakes!!(fyi:the milk substitute is coconut milk) 😉 Great fiber, great protein and honestly…very, very tasty!! You wouldn’t even know they are gluten free/casein free!! 😉

I encourage you if you are considering a gf/cf diet…to consider this quick and easy option for breakfast!! There are many, many varieties available. We used the Bob’s Red Mill mix. YUMMY!!!

Oh, tomorrow I will add a Tone It Up gf/cf pancake recipe!! This is sooooo easy and very tasty!! 😉


PS-OK, this is Mommy speaking…but didn’t our daughter do a BEAUTIFUL job!!! She is an amazing cook!!! LOVE IT!!!! 😉 Oh, one more tip…pancakes freeze beautifully if your family can’t eat all cooked. (This rarely happens for us as we all eat it all!! 😉 Poor chickens…scraps are rare these days!!)


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