Yesterday’s Blessings


Hello Dear Friends,

I pray each of you are having a lovely weekend!! Yesterday was our first Market Days in many years. We are so blessed to share our booth with a dear one that loves the Lord and has welcomed us in with her each fair. We were busy all day Friday into the wee hours of the night preparing. And then up at 4 am to be ready for the day. We have to drive a bit so it does take a bit of time to be up before the actual fair. And then all the fun begins at 7 am to 4 pm.

We loved meeting the people!! And we loved sharing our Fruita Water on such a beautiful and yet lovely hot day!! The Lord is so good and we all did very well even our lovely booth mate!! 🙂 To Him be all the glory and praise!!

We came home tired, very hot, dirty and truly exhausted. Once all was unloaded and put away enough. We were greeted by Squeakems. 🙂

phone pics 2012-2013 138

This morning Squeakems was ready for us to be home this morning. He is so sweet!! He wanted his family home and he wanted me to get busy holding him and giving him his special treats!! He was so cute…he went to his special treat bowl to grab his favorite piece of mango but wouldn’t let go of my finger as he balanced his other foot on the bowl. So it wasn’t alllllll about the treats!! 😉 He is SO SWEET!!! 😉 He really can make you feel loved!! 🙂 And I am so thankful to the Lord for such a lovely and fine little friend!!

Today was a slow day of family time celebrating a loved ones belated birthday, recovering our tired selves and most importantly loving the Lord!! As without Him, none of this would be possible!!

I pray this day will be your day to rest, praise the Lord and be blessed by the Lord so that you can bless those around you!! He loves you so!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,



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