Summer Is Here And Wonderful Garden Dinners Begin!!

fruits and veggies

Hello Dear Friends,

I pray each of you are having a lovely and blessed Memorial Day!! It is such a good time to stop and thank the Lord for all these wonderful men and women who sacrificed to give us all our freedom in America!!

Our sweet son has taken on the picking of the large back garden my husband puts in each year. With my sweet husbands busy schedule, it is very relaxing and fun for him to plan, prepare and plant the garden. But by the time harvest hits…he is out of time. So this year our son committed to harvesting.

While we were gone, the bounty began. So we are in squash heaven these days!! YUM!!!

Tonight our youngest daughter helped me chop and prepare our yummy dinner, cooking now in the oven as I type!! It is my typical veggie lasagna!! A casein free and a dairy one.

I brown 93% lean ground beef in some a small amount of good quality garlic olive oil. I mix it once browned with chopped raw pecans from our small orchard. Then I start layering all the Spanish squash, zucchini and summer squash. I also add in chopped onions, chopped baby portobello mushrooms, chopped garlic, chopped red, yellow and orange peppers. I add fresh ground black pepper and a mixed white and black pepper as well as some yummy healthier garlic salt.  I alternate in all in layering in deep lasagna pans. Then I top the dairy version with good quality extra sharp cheddar cheese and then good quality shredded parmesan cheese. I cover all with foil (on the dairy version I insert blunt end toothpicks to keep all from sticking…in order to tent the foil.) And then I place both pans in a heated 350 degree oven until all is cooked through. Usually 30-40 minutes.

I take all out and let the dairy version set on the counter for 10-15 minutes while I take up the non dairy version. I serve all with nice sourdough bread and gluten free bread toasted dry.

With all the fresh veggies and good proteins. It is an incredibly filling and healthy meal. It is even terrific the next day for lunch!! 😉

You can use what ever veggies you like. I LOVE eggplant, tomatoes, spinach, kale, collards, chard  etc. The list is endless. You can also go meatless….especially if you use nuts. And you can use ground turkey, ground chicken, ground sausage (I like to use the ground turkey sausage) or even sausage links pennied in the layering mix. (I LOVE a good apple/onion turkey sausage in this! YUM!!!). Again the variations are endless and the choice is yours. It is a great meal to “clean out” the fridge right before your grocery shopping day as well!! And who knows!! Your family just thinks it is a layered feast!! 🙂

FYI, many hands make the work light. With two of us it is easy peasy!! One chops and one deals!! 🙂

I pray this encourages and blesses you!! I also pray your family will be blessed this Summer with many wonderful healthy meals!!

Have a wonderful evening in the Lord,


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