Encouragement Scripture For This Day…May 22, 2013

seinna cross with clouds

Hello Dear Friends,

I pray you all are doing well this evening. Please continue to pray for those who have suffered such tragedies this Spring.

I so appreciate Tony Evans’ ministry!!

This is so true…Christ offers us His grace and His mercy. We have to reach out accept it.

We also must put Christ on the throne of our lives to truly live for Him…as He died for us.

What an amazing God we serve!!

Have a peaceful evening in the Lord,


A Pardon

IN 1929, a man named George Wilson robbed a mail carrier and killed him. He was sentenced to die but received a presidential pardon. To the shock of the Oval Office, he rejected the pardon. The president of the United States had set him free.

George Wilson said no. The case went to the Supreme Court and the issue was simply this: If the president of the United States gives you a pardon, aren’t you pardoned? Can you reject a pardon given by a sovereign? Chief justice Marshal rendered the decision. It simply read:

“A pardon rejected is no pardon at all. Unless the recipient of the pardon accepts the pardon, then the pardon cannot be applied.” A pardon has two sides—the offeror and the offeree.

Unless the offeree accepts the offer from the offeror, then the pardon cannot be mandated. On the cross, the eternal God, having been satisfied by the death of His Son, has offered every man and every woman and every boy and every girl a pardon. We just have to accept the pardon offered.

For His Kingdom,

Tony Evans

Devotional credit: TonyEvans.org

Picture credit: Pictures.com


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