Blessings in a Bird Bath

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Hello Dear Friends,

Tonight we have watched many, many reports on the devastation in Oklahoma. My heart was so heavy for all the families. The joys of hearing the people being saved and all the wonderful saints who have gone way beyond what is normal and helped save lives. I have been so encouraged by all those that also give God the glory in all their despair. Amen!!

My sweet husband called this morning on his way to work so we could pray for these families. He had to work late last night and had only seen the news this morning before work. Again…heart breaking.

Then as my heart was so heavy…all of the sudden my sweet little bird woke up from his nap in his new home. I had stopped today to pickup some larger cage accessories. As a result…he was plumb tuckered out!! Squeakems was napping and was so cute!!

Back to his sweet blessing…in the midst of all the sadness of our family watching the news shows on Moore, OK, my sweet little guy ventured into his large new crock of water. I had wondered why he wouldn’t drink out of it…or even go near it. Then while we watched all the reports, I looked over and he was literally sticking his toe in the water!! He slowly ventured in. And then he was flapping and splashing and it was pure joy!! (see pics above his beautiful yellow head with orange and green body) He washed and washed and was just giddy with excitement!! Then he preened and was puffed proud of his newest accomplishment…a bath!!

He is so beautiful!!

So even in the sadness of this day, the Lord blessed us with the simplest things…a sweet little bird’s bath!!

It was such a good lesson for my family tonight. Even when times get hard, take time for something sweet and simple. Remember, even Jesus took time to go to the garden to pray and be alone with the Lord in difficult times.

I pray as our nation seems to go through these difficult things, we all remember to pray, help/serve and then take some time to refresh ourselves in the Lord.

Have a wonderful evening in the Lord,



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