On A Road Trip

Hello  Dear Friends,

My sweet husband is working out-of-state and we were able to come be with him. It is always lovely to see different areas and beautiful drives. We have driven all throughout the US and are blessed by so much the this great nation!! God is amazing and has created some incredible sights. It is good to appreciate His workmanship!!

Some of our family could come…some are keeping the home fires burning…feeding critters, running water, etc. Hobby Farms don’t just let you run out-of-town quickly! 🙂 So some of us are in enjoying some “slow down time”. Do you ever feel as if you need to slow down? 🙂 Honestly…I do way to often especially with all the thyroid adventures of late. The Lord is good and He is giving us this opportunity!!

I/we are able to use the hotel business center to work. PTL, I am able to get allot done!! 🙂 Though our business is in its early days…this time away, uncluttered with the day-to-day activity gives me ample time to think through where we are going and what we need to do to get there. The Lord always has a will and a plan, it is a pleasure and an honor to find His will in all things…even in our business.

I am also able to even take a little personal time and reorg as well! I just purchased an online healthy eating weight loss and exercise plan with all the bells and whistles. It is a lifetime membership and they are using organic and healthy whole food suggestions!! LOVE IT!!! NO FAKE SUGARS too!! Woo Hoo!!!  They send automatic updates and endless encouragements. They also have an online support group…WOW!! LOVE IT!!!

I have put on a small amount of weight and with all my thyroid slow down…I need some serious jumpstart and motivation. Also sluggish and now no thyroid affects your metabolism…so I need now to find a healthy way to get all back on track. I have been blessed by loosing over 140 lbs…so I don’t want to let this slide in the name of thyroid illness. So again…trying to use our time wisely and doing something healthy as well!!

The Lord is good and we are able to stay at a lovely hotel that has apartment type rooms with a full kitchen!! We love the Hyatt hotels and love these types of rooms!! It helps so much with some of our family’s food allergies and also to keep on track with good whole food. So again…more tools to focus on something healthy!

PTL I had been reading…and thinking…and praying what I should do. I have done every eating plan out there as I was put on “diets” since I was 10 years old. I don’t like any of the prefab food diets. And honestly though they are convenient and I appreciate their opportunities, I need to eat more cleanly. And with a house full of food allergies…whole foods-they way God made them, is our best choice. So after much prayer and research…the journey begins. 

I love an organizational gal(OrganizedJen) on YouTube. She is a runner and in great shape. So she mentioned this site on her videos. So I thought…why not look into this one? After further reading I realized it is a great “gal” healthy living and weight loss opportunity. It is very bikini based as they are models/nutritionists/trainers so just fyi. I know some people this offends. I grew up on the coast and Summers were bathing suites under your clothes every day. 🙂 So I am ok if it is just me. 🙂

They are very upbeat and have also developed a protein shake powder with great ingredients you can even bake with!! LOVE IT!!! Oh, Tone It Up is the program.

Well, better go for now…just wanted to share why I have been “off-line” and all the blessings the Lord is showing us!!

I pray each of you have a wonderful week in the Lord and if our internet in the room is fixed today, I will be back to sending out some encouragements tonight!!

May the Lord richly bless you,


Picture credit: Pictures.com


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