New Day…

tea and roses

Hello Dear Friends,

Life always brings us things…some things we just aren’t quite sure what to do with.

Yesterday I had something happen. It was something that was sad and truly heartbreaking.

We as humans seem to make choices and then we must live with them.

I am genuinely sad when our choices seem to lead to a negative impact. Not only in your own life but in the lives of those around them.

Yesterday was genuinely one of these days.

So I ask…what do we do as Christians?

I am contemplating this now. After an evening of “licking my wounds”. I am praying. I have been told there is nothing I can do and to let all go. And this has been a long long process of trying to help these dear ones. I/we have tried in every way imaginable. In the beginning it was well received. As of yesterday…well let’s just say it was not and all doors were closed.

Last night I was cleaning and a magazine fell out. Shockingly the magazine literally fell open in my lap and its main article was about this issue I was facing. With my sad heart…I took the time to skim the article. Sure enough the 1-8 items of to dos…I had done to the letter. Shocking how the Lord guides us! I/we had even done these things in the order of the article!! The one thing I do know in my heart is this was the Lord’s way of putting a sweet salve on my hurting heart.

Though I need to submit…I honestly still struggle as someone who loves these other people, this is genuinely difficult to walk away and especially in this type of confrontation. Genuinely heartbreaking!

So I am throwing this question out there….

What do we do as Christians when we watch someone making bad decisions and shutting down all help? 

I know you all are busy…so this may simply be an exercise in my healing heart process.  Or this may be a written letter to my Lord for His answers to be answered in a way on He can answer.

Honestly He may have answered in last night’s article…and if so, I am content. As time goes on and I am slowly getting back to all my work…I can see the Lord working. And I see my need for obedience to His will and His will only.

Ok Friends…please forgive my ramblings. Just an exercise in seeking the Father and His will…in all things. Thank you for entertaining my thoughts this evening.

To God be all the glory. His grace and mercy are sufficient….His grace and mercy are sufficient in all things.

Have a wonderful evening in the Lord,


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