GF Whole Grain Pizza with Salad

Cobb Salad Pizza Menu

Hello Dear Friends,

Doesn’t this picture look yummy?!

It reminds me of a wonderful restaurant in a small town near us owned and run by a sweet family.

We go there as the wife is very focused on good nutrition.

She taught us a WONDERFUL way to eat pizza!!

And it is so healthy and affordable!! 🙂

I hope this blesses you and your family.

Have a great day in the Lord,


It is very simple. Take or make your favorite whole grain pizza crust (we make a gf version).

Add your toppings as usual: tomato sauce, loads of good veggies-the more color the better,chopped olives, pesto(we make a yummy homemade pesto from our garden and orchard-we LOVE it on pizza!!), meat of your choice-we love a very low fat ground beef, cheese or dairy free/vegan versions of cheese…..your choice!!

Pop in a very hot oven to cook and crisp to your liking.

Make a lovely baby spinach and veggie salad…top with a healthy vinegar and olive oil dressing of your choice.

We LOVE olive oil, minced garlic, fresh lemon and sea salt. Honestly…it is soooooo good!!

Once pizza is cooked. Remove from the oven and cut into slices.

Then with dressed salad, top your pizza!

Who would of thought your salad on top of your pizza could be this good!!

It is wonderfully refreshing and with the additional raw veggies and healthy dressing…

YU-U-U-MY!!! 🙂

I hope this encourages you to bless your family with pizza that can be sooooo yummy and healthy…just have fun and be creative!!


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