Goal Setting and To Do Lists…Do You Struggle?


Hello Dear Friends,

Is this you? Do you struggle with getting organized?

Where do you begin?

I have and will be there again…


…I don’t stay on top of goal setting and planning.

With time recuperating, I am having a lovely time researching and designing new systems in our home and business!

Thank you Lord, all is going are going amazingly well!!

Honestly…FUN!! 🙂

This article below gives us all courage to start: ‘To Do’ list or a ‘Goal Planning’ list.

Some of you may even begin a binder/planner/calendar

I encourage to journal your goals…either in your planner/binder/calendar. Or post your list in your office, on your bathroom mirror, your computer/phone….just somewhere you will refer to often.

****PLEASE check off your completions!!****

I use fun decorative and bling-ed out stickers when completing projects or tasks!! 

(I have always done this for my children and students… why not me?!? I just use more adult lady ‘pur-ty’ stickers!! 😉 

OK my thing…but “will work for fun rewards” and I need to see completion! 😉 )

What will inspire you?

Go there, put that in your system of checking off goals met.

Reward your hard work!!

You deserve it!! 😉

I hope you are blessed and encouraged!! 

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,


checked off to do lists on clipboard

Goals, Who Needs Them? You Do.

by Gary L. Parker

In his book Getting Things Done, Ed Bliss writes, “Good self-management involves finding ways to put pressure on yourself to perform.”We all need a swift kick once in a while. That’s why thoughtful development of personal goals is so important. It’s a way to put pressure on yourself to perform. Goals provide a motive for better performance.

Successful businesses create goals as a basis for strategic decisions. Without goals, every decision is a crossroads. It’s the same for us. The more clearly we understand our destination, the more likely we’ll take the right path.

4 Keys To Goal Setting

  1. Be Specific. Develop a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. The stronger the vision, the greater the motivation to put forth 100% of your effort and talent.
  2. Write It Down. It’s been said a goal not written down is just a wish. Write goals where you’ll see them often. You can’t do what you can’t remember. And you can’t remember what you can’t find. Write goals in your Planner Pad.
  3. Make It Measurable. When we know our destination, we can measure progress. Set definite time targets. A goal is a result that must be achieved within a particular period of time.
  4. Calculate The Cost. Everything we want to do has a cost. The cost may not be out of pocket. We pay in other ways. Worthwhile goals require your time and effort. Compare costs to benefits carefully. Are you willing to pay the price?

The more clearly we understand our goals, the more likely it is that we’ll be willing to give the performance today, this week, this month to achieve our objectives. GLP


Article credit: Plannerpads.com

Picture credit: Pictures.com


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