Tonight’s Crock Pot Feast!!


Hello Dear Friends,

With each weekly menu, I will try to add pics and some of the recipes.

Especially Crock pot meals.


Have a wonderful week in the Lord,



Roast (size to fit your family and type to fit your pocket book-free range organic if possible)

2 rough chopped onions (preferably purple as it is soooo good for you!!)

3 lbs organic carrots (I like baby organics…easy peasy!!)

2-4 T. Olive oil (depending on your size of roast)

salt (I like Himalayan for the nutritional value) and black pepper

2-4 garlic cloves chopped


4lbs of organic potatoes (If you can leave skins on…so good for you! )

1 lb of portobello mushrooms sliced.

In the morning grab your largest Crock Pot. Spray with olive oil pump sprayer or use a Crock Pot liner.

(Today we used a liner…easy peasy!!)

Rinse your roast and pat dry. Heat a skillet and add 1 T. olive oil.

Brown your roast on all sides in skillet.

When nicely browned place the roast in crock pot and season roast with salt and pepper.

You can season with all kinds of fun spices…but if you have a good organic roast and veggies you won’t need too much seasoning.

So I try not to overly season 😉 but…sometimes I mix it up!!

Layer chopped garlic, onions and carrots over the roast. Cover and cook for 2-3 hours on low.

(I also top the veggies with a little more olive oil, salt and pepper.)

By 2 pm add your mushrooms and potatoes.

Again, top with the remainder of olive oil, salt and pepper.

I do season each layer…but it is light seasoning.

It adds to the flavor of each item if you cook them this way.

Cover and cook an additional minimum of 3 hours or until carrots and potatoes are fork tender.

We layer based on what needs to be cooked more on the bottom.

Then we give a bit of a toss before serving if from the crock pot.

If we plate the meal, I try to separate each main item on a platter.


Serve with a beautiful salad and whole grain hearty bread.

Though in the Winter we have just eaten the roast and cooked veggies.

Some in our family also add ketchup and the fire breathers add some habanero sauce. 🙂

And then some of us eat it just as is. YUMMY! 🙂

I pray you are blessed and enjoy a good home cooked meal tonight!! 😉


Cooking credit: Today was the first roast dinner my youngest sweetie has made!!

Isn’t it beautiful!!

Look at the uniformity of her chopped potatoes!!

And it tastes amazing!!

The mushrooms beautifully seasoned the potatoes…YUMMY!!!

Kudos and a very special thank you, Ladybug!! 🙂


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