Frugal Living and Clearance

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Hello Friends,

I just ran to the Dollar General to pick up a notebook for our business. When in there, I was excited to find the front clearance of some of the Easter goodies.

Of course there are many, many candies for sale…but I also have found some cute solid colored cups and containers to use in organizing. I LOVE to buy onsale, clearance or with coupons!!

I went on to do the rest of my grocery shopping at the local grocers. It was such a blessing, I went back. I realized I was paying $.15 on items that were normally $1.00. Such a phenomenal savings!! I decided to stock up for all the organization projects. I can also use this for helping other family members and friends. What a blessing!!

So my question is….on a budget, do you spend the little extra to stock up? Or do you stick to your list?

I do think we need to stick to the list…but I always try to leave a little “mad money” for each pay check. So these fall into that category.

Be sure to always check the sale bin. Buy only what you need or can use. And remember, it is a great opportunity to pre-purchase some wonderful gift items to keep your gift box filled for those last minute gifts.:)

And most importantly, I pray we can be a blessing to others with the amazing sale finds!!

The Lord is so good!! 🙂 


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