A Special Treat For Lunch


Good afternoon Dear Friends,

I am sharing a delectable lunch I just ate!!

My sweet husband is working with the children today and I have a day at home alone!! Now…just know, I LOVE my time with my children, but in 20 years of homeschooling there have only been a handful of school days I have been on my own.

Our lunches are usually quick, easy and always working to being healthier and healthier.

So today, I made a truly Mommy lunch!! (As seen above). YUM!!!


For lunch I sprinkled a slice of sourdough bread (fermented food is sooooo good for you!!) with some shredded Parmesan (a hard cheese…less fat and calories but good protein) and toasted it (in toaster as seen in each picture). And then I had mozzarella balls marinated olive oil and basil (more protein in moderation in a healthy marinated oil), yellow tomato cherries (all veggies and fruit raw are so good for us), sliced apples and yummy green olives (another good fat in moderation). All served on an easy peasy disposable bowl!! (hey…even Mom gets a break from dishes every now and then!) 😀

How easy is that?!?! 😉

Honestly, I could eat this lunch every day!! 🙂

I love each item on the plate and then put together…YUM!! 😉

It is a feast for a queen!! 😉

Thank you Lord for such a good and healthy lunch!

I pray your lunch is healthy and tasty too,



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