Lessons From The Flock of Poultry

Hello Dear Friends,

Today (Sunday) we are home so I can continue to “rest”. Recuperation is such a tough go…especially if you like to keep a “to do” list going. (FYI, I began this posting yesterday and am finishing today-Monday.)

As I went into the kitchen yesterday morning, I looked out the window. I was waiting for my coffee to finish brewing with great anticipation. OK…I was wanting it to hurry up!! I had just made my husband his hot tea and while waiting when I looked outside. Low and behold a parade was passing by my window!!

First came by my last adult guinea hen. (She is one of the originals from the early day here on the property. She is at least 7 years old. We have babies in one of the barns ready to join her soon!) She was leading the unusual farmyard clan though very inconspicuously. Then I saw all the geese. First the goose, then all the ganders. With the geese was a lone short squatty adult duck smack dab in the middle of the flock of tall geese! Quite a sight!! And finally came some of the hens and roosters. What a beautiful rainbow of creatures the Lord has made!! Each amazing in their own way!!

Honestly, I had to laugh out loud!! They literally came single file and by species…except the duck who was a goose for the day! 😉 CHARMING!!!

What an amazing assortment coming by the house!! Not all the poultry joined into the parade…but the ones in it were proud, content and happy to be together. What a lovely lesson for us!! These guys were content in all things!! They hadn’t a care in the world!! They loved being with each other no matter what size, what color or even what species!! They all would occasionally stop, eat a little and chat along the way…but yet kept moving all in the same direction! 🙂 So charming!! They were all happy go lucky and seemed to take in all the sights with the company of their fellow barnyard buddies!! It reminds me of that song from Music Man…Pick a Little Talk a Little….Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, talk a lot pick a little more!! 🙂 LOVE that song!! I was humming that song all day!! 😉

Do I do this? Do I enjoy the journey? Do I enjoy those that may be a little different from myself that are with me in the journey?

There is joy in the journey!! 🙂 The Lord promises in Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”. He is my Creator. He gives me wonderful people to travel with in this world! Even the little barnyard friends were not alone!! What a lovely example of God’s design…even in a parade!!

With the disheartening turn of events today my heart weighed heavy as I listened to the radio in my car. I went to the local pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. The lady there immediately greeted me with…you have two. She didn’t ask my name and just immediately went to grab them. OK…I LOVE small town life!! We lived in the Boston are for a season. We now live near two large metropolitan cities. And when I pulled in, the lady knew me!! What a blessing!!

Now my sweet children will say I talk to everyone. And that is true!!:) My first question I love to ask when I check out at a store is, “How is your day?” I look the person in the eyes and really work to focus on them. I love to see the people’s reactions. Usually they are the ones to ask the question as they quickly do their job. Then they answer…sometimes the polite “good”. And amazingly more often than not, they really tell me. I love to hear about people’s lives. I love to encourage them. I  truly count this as a privilege!!

Today, the sweet lady at the pharmacy told me she had a son who ran in the Boston marathon sometimes. He lives in NY and she couldn’t reach him. She didn’t know if he was running today or not. I listened.

When she stepped back to pick up the credit card scanner, I prayed for something to encourage her. As we chatted, I shared my faith and that I would be praying for her son. She and I then chatted about the charms of living in the South and in a small town. I was trying to redirect her concern if only for a few brief moments of rest. When I left…she was smiling and I pray she was blessed.

Now…my sweet husband used to asked me…”do you have to make a friend with every check out person?” At first I was a bit embarrassed by that question. Now, I would emphatically say “YES!! This is my opportunity to be a friend and be the light of Christ to someone who may never know Jesus!!”

So after several times of him asking….he doesn’t ask me anymore. 🙂 He is allowing me to chat as we go through life. If I had never chatted with this lady, I may have never had the opportunity to encourage her today and now pray for her the son as well as her. Much like the poultry yesterday. I pick a little and then talk a little… and count it all great joy!! 🙂

When life is difficult…we need to hold onto the promises of the Lord. And we need to encourage those on the path with us. I am so thankful the Lord give us these promises in His Word. May we hold onto Him in the joys of life as well as in the struggles. And thank you Jesus for being there with us, never leaving us!! Thank you for those You put in our paths that encourage us…as well as those sweet people for us to serve and encourage!!

Unfortunately…even the poultry have difficult days. But it is true joy to see these assortment of various animals…walk in the parade of the barnyard life and find joy in their journey!!

May we not see our differences…may love our neighbors and enjoy our journey!!

Let us join together and pray for our nation today. Let us join together and pray for our friends and neighbors in the journey in this world. May we serve with our whole hearts!!

May the Lord guide and direct us all,


Picture credit: Pictures.com


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