Squeakems Battle Weary and Lovingly Restored Tale


Hello Friends,

I pray each of you are having a lovely Saturday. It is beautiful weather here and the Lord is allowing much activity on our little property today. I am being good and resting. I did make a short run to Wal-Mart this morning. It is good to just get out a little! 😉

I wanted to pick up the last few things to take to my husband’s new office we will unpack and organize tomorrow. I will be enjoying his sage green new chair and helping design all…so I will be good and not over do. 🙂 (I told him, that chair is just for me!! My office is varying shades of pink and sage green!! LOVE IT!! Though he did refuse pink to go with his sage! HA!)

OK…back to subject. 🙂 I awoke this morning as usual. My day began with Squeakems immediately calling. Everyone in the house can be up but until he here’s me…even two rooms away, he goes crazy at my first waking breath! How he does it is amazing!! Knightly, my bird before Squeakems was the same. Hilarious!! So I immediately answered his squawks and lifted his cover to find he had been to battle!! Sun Conures are not only loud but very, very active!! He LOVES to be busy!! They also love to chew wood for their beaks. It helps to file them a bit.  He has literally obliterated a long wood ladder. And yesterday he chewed down the wood part of his swing.

After inspecting it yesterday, I decided I was going to leave the bells on the end of the rods in there so he has to have something to play with. (I will try to pick him up a cement type parrot proof swing and ladder next week.) Well….last night the wire won in the play time and he is battle weary!!!

As I opened his cage to feed him he ran to me and literally laid sideways in my hands while holding onto my fingers with his claws. It was very sad but also very sweet! He kept trying to hold on and not let me go for quite a while. Though he is very independent he is still loving and needs his time with me. They are also very oriented to one main person usually. Though he is good to let our entire family (except my oldest daughter…they have a bit of an issue with each other) come to visit him, if he doesn’t like you he lets off blood curdling squawks. But this morning, he wanted Mommy. 🙂

I loved on him much longer than our usual morning routine and then I saw his bloodied…though very minor injury. It did startle me a bit. He was funny to even show it to me. How do they know?!?! 🙂 After I loved him, checked all out, reassured him he was ok…he was glad to go back in and eat breakfast. I also moved him into our parlor near me while I am resting/recuperating and he is honestly in hog heaven. He takes up the entire corner. He is hanging and has watched me the entire time. He talks quietly to me and does this little self soothing growl. He is still a bit young…but very dear.

A couple of days ago he even pulled in the cover and was playing a form of peek a boo in and out of the cover. I called it his ghost head look. (You know the sheet over the head bit). He is truly full of antics and such a blessing!! I am so thankful these birds live a long life!! I remember my husband was in awe how long we could have him. My sweet husband wasn’t sure if he liked the thought….but Squeakems won him over and he is starting to say hello to him first before me each morning! Not sure what I think about that yet!! 😉 Oh well, good to have my boys like each other!! 🙂

So one of the lessons of the day after all of this….don’t burn your bridges or your swings. And once done, move away from the wreckage. When it’s over…it’s over!! 😉

The other thought with a much more meaningful lesson is the picture the Lord showed me through my dear little friend. I too have battles. And I truly get “bloodied” in the combat of life.  I too run to my Savior though sometimes I try to self sooth and self-heal in my efforts to not seem whiny.  When Squeakems laid not only his head in my hands but his entire body holding on, I immediately thought of when I am weary and needing  Jesus. I lay sometimes my weary head. But when I am “bloodied” by the battle I fall full body into the hands of my Savior and reach out for His help. It is then and only then I can gain the peace of mind and heart, rest of body and rejuvenation of spirit to get back into the journey. (Those of us with children know this behavior well. Truly…faith like a child.) But to see even this little sweet independent creature example this same need made me realize again the Creator’s plan for all of us. When life is hard…we shouldn’t inch into to His presence for His help…we should reach out, run and dive into His loving arms for the only reassurance that can truly and fully restore us!!

Thank you Lord for such a sweet lesson from such a sweet little friend!!

Have a lovely day in the Lord,


PS-Look at Squeakems’ new corner. (The little tree on the desk is our seasonal decoration tree. Our youngest daughter adds her creative touch for each celebration throughout the year. She has it ready for Spring.) Squeakems thinks he is hiding behind the tree sometimes looking out. CUTE!!! He is such a funny guy!! 😉


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