Wonderful Green Cleaning Recipe

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Hello Dear Friends,

In our family we have severe allergies. Some airborne, some to foods and some skin allergies. We had a horrible time using chemicals!! As a result, years ago we developed a cleaning solution that is all we use still today!! 

About 10 years ago I began this incredible journey into all things natural. I began making soap for our family. Many friends of mine made soap from scratch and were so gracious to have “class sessions” in their home to teach a couple of us.

There are many ways to make soap. You can make what I call the melt and go. In most of the major craft stores they sell blocks of basic soap for people to melt, add essential oils or fragrance oils. (Due to our allergies, we have only used high grade essential oils.) And then there is a cold process soap to make. And finally a soap you make by cooking. Because of the lease amount of chemical usage, I really like the cold process. Plus it just is a little simpler.

I love adding dried flowers, oatmeal, ground apricot pits, etc. The more simpler the better. I also learned at that time what oils were best for certain issues and the fun of making beautiful pressed flowers to decorate the soap. I also LOVED making different shapes and usages. We also took wool and created a scrubby bath soap!! FUN!!! And for gifts, I will crochet a lovely little washcloth and add it to a bar of soap…tie with a satin ribbon and voila!! Such a wonderfully useful, healthy, frugal and fun gift to give to ones you love!!

During this time, I decided if I went to all that trouble to be healthy when cleaning us….we needed to do something healthy to clean our home!! I experimented with the EO’s (essential oils) and water, vinegars….witch hazel, etc. Since so many (my mother) use vinegar to clean their floors…hmmmm. Why didn’t I use this in my house cleaning formula. After some experimentation we came up with this combination. It is our basic recipe. Now….I will forewarn you. The vinegar smell can be bothersome…though the EO’s do help. And when it evaporates you  really only smell the EO’s. If that happens, use witch hazel in place of vinegar.

Green Household Cleaner Recipe:

1/3 part white vinegar

2/3 water (filtered if possible)

1/2 t. tea tree EO

1 t. lavender EO

Mix well in an empty clean household cleaner spray bottle. Before each use, shake the bottle as the oils will separate from the vinegar/water. I have also substituted lemon EO for lavender EO for my kitchen cleaner.

I keep these throughout the house and even use them in my car for cleaning the dashboard and it is great when cleaning leather seats.  We even clean our hands with this cleaner instead of the antibacterial hand wipes. We realized this solution worked very well on our overly sensitive hands and it is much more effective as well as not as drying! Tea tree and Lavender EO’s are not only antibacterial, but they are anti-viral and anti-fungal!! So we really knew this helped and was much less expensive than any antibacterial gel or wipes.

Another wonderfully healthy blessing from the natural things the Lord has already given us to make our lives just a little better. And so we are better able to serve Him.

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,


Resource list:

1) A good source for soap and cleaning supplies to clean with is Bramble Berry.  brambleberry.com

2) Household cleaner spray bottles can be found at Wal-Mart, Target and Dollar General from $1.00-$2.00.

3) Vinegar is the least expensive at Sam’s. I pay just under $4.00 for two 1 gallon bottles.

4) Witch hazel can be bought at most discount stores. The best buy I have found is at Wal-Mart. It can be found on the shelf by the hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. It runs about $2.00 a bottle.

Picture from pictures.com..it’s lovely!! 😉


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