Organized-Are You or Are You Not? part 2

tea and roses

Welcome Dear Friends to Part 2 of our journey in organization/renovation of our home,

So go grab that second cup of tea or coffee and enjoy!! 😉 Mmmmm and maybe a little encouragement of chocolate too!! 😉 It’s after noon.

coffee tea and chocolate

My sweet sister inspired this renovation motivation Christmas before last. We live in different cities and when we visited for Christmas  she walked me through her gorgeous home!! She has a wonderful interior decorator who designed their beautiful home’s renovations!! After that visit, I immediately began the journey of lots and lots of prayer, thinking and researching. What lessons could I glean from their journey and how could I implement these lessons?

Our finances are a bit tight. We are a single income home with two children in college and one getting ready for high school. And because we homeschool we gladly carry the cost of educating at home. But the Lord is amazingly gracious!! As my husband and I priced out our kitchen renovation want list at over $20,000 alone…OK, I can breathe again!!! ;0 I just said no!! We can’t do this. Please Lord help!!!

We have been able to do all in our kitchen for less than $1500.00 and that will include new diy flooring and counter tops (my sweet husband is not only brilliant but also very handy around the house/property!!) as well as organizational items, decorations and furniture!! It is amazing what diy projects of tiling the counter tops and laying the floors ourselves, paint and some creative thinking can do!! And honestly, I LOVE the concept so much better!! It reflects our needs and our personalities!! The Lord is sooooo good!!! So soon, my French Country Kitchen will be born!! 😉

So as you think through your own organizational projects…PRAY!! I know for us, it is slower when it is a DIY project but the blessings are greater!!! And it gives us so much more time to praise the Lord for His blessings!!

Now I also would love to encourage one last concept. While recovering, I have been blessed to find some LOVELY websites and youtube videos. I LOVE and athomewithnikki. Both sweet ladies give some wonderful how to’s that helped form my thoughts. As I stated earlier, today I will begin my project notebook (Thanks Nikki for this idea!!). I have a file box of printed online ideas/themes, home store pamphlets and paint samples. Today I will now create project sheets for each of my projects that need finishing as well as a project notebook. I will include measurements, room design, colors, samples, and found pics or drawings of items I would like to replicate through thrift store finds/renovations, purchases and good ole elbow grease on one sheet to plan for each project. And then I will be able to clear off my to do list with beautiful visual plans.  Yes…back to that to do list!! 😉

And finally to address the original question….am I organized or not? I am a work in progress!! I LOVE organization and up until the home before this one (we were in a two bedroom townhouse with 3 children, 2 dogs and 3 storages while my sweet husband was in graduate school), I have been ridiculously organized. In 28 years of marriage we have moved 11 times. We have lived in this last house over 8 years. Once we moved here I immediately had many serious health issues and debilitating but PTL not so serious health issues that limited my mobility. As well as life’s activities of working and homeschooling the children.

Soooo let’s all get going!! 🙂 It is not too late and I am in the journey!! Where are you? The most important thing for me to remember when I feel it is all going tooooooo slow is my priority list: the Lord first, my family, friends/church and then other. It is so important to have a warm, inviting, functional and yes beautiful home to bless my family and others who come to visit!! A haven on earth to come in and be refreshed, recharged and blessed. And most importantly I am content to finally do all in the Lord’s timing! 🙂

“Proverbs 27:1 Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

Lesson well learned!! And I also choose to be content and do my best as if unto the Lord.

“Col. 3:23 Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”

So off to project planning, being content and praising the Lord for all He has done in our home and lives as well as what is to come!!

May the Lord richly bless your home and your family,


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