Organized-Are You or Are You Not? part 1

tea and roses

Good morning Dear Friends,

Don’t you love that picture above? I do!! So quick, go grab that lovely beautiful cup and saucer, fill it with your favorite hot tea or rich cup of coffee and enjoy!!

pink rose tea cup and saucer

This picture is a running theme of what I desire my home to be for all who enter here!! A place of encouragement, relaxation, rejuvenation, functionality and of course beauty. (On our property we literally have hundreds of rose bushes…so totally apropos. 🙂 ) Living in an old farm house…beauty can be lost quickly if you do not reclaim your vision. A good lesson I have and am learning!!

While recovering from surgery I am able to “see” all that needs to be done!! 😉 Honestly, today I have resolved to quit stewing on what needs to get done, but to be good in my chair and rest/recuperate (as I have already over done and paid the price) and create a project notebook of what needs to be finished and completed on my “To Do” list for our home. FUN!!!

I am a list kind of girlie. I LOVE to see it beautifully checked off!! Honestly I am so silly!! I get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I tackle my projects and see them crossed them off the list!! (Secretly I almost want to frame them!!!) 😉 So I have recently seen the idea of a Project Notebook. I LOVE this type of organizing!!! I LOVE planning and to have one place to put things is great!!

As of late I have been re-orging/renovating our home. Yes, I said it…ALL THROUGH OUT MY HOME!!! I didn’t just begin with one room…I decided like a crazy woman to start all over our home!!

The greatest of these projects has been my office/dining/current project shelves-scrapbook, beading, needle arts and stamping/homeschool central room. 🙂 OK…it is not that big of a space and yet carries a big load.

Our beautiful blessing of a home is a 1938 farm-house. It has a lot of room (over 3800 sq ft) but half of it is an open basement. To me the basement is nothing but a storage space, laundry area, grocery storage (I have this area literally set up with aisles like a grocery store 😉 ), library (on my list to change from bookshelves storage to a literal cataloged library with aisles and yes…we read that much!!) and closet area. As well as basic storage and a large craft storage area. The craft storage houses all my inventory from my store and my personal craft storage. Another project on my list is to soon begin listing on my new Etsy store(still setting all up) all my Sewing, Weaving and Spinning inventory from our brick and mortar store our family had in town. OK that is another post. 🙂

Soooo with all this time right now, just stuck resting here…the thought of all of this seems like a mountain to climb!! 😉 But amazingly enough, just organizing the list and my thoughts is a process in and of itself!! Once I begin to list what I would like to accomplish…I also am reminded by the Lord of what we have completed. And with focusing on just small chunks, by organizing the process…I seem to see the top of the mountain!! 😉

One of our main needs has been our kitchen. It is truly a work in progress. Of all the rooms in our house that the previous owners renovated before we moved in over 8 years ago…the kitchen is and has not been my favorite. We have painted. Recently bought furniture and we are still in a slow progress of moving things around and trying different looks. Because this is a 1938 farmhouse I refuse to give up the original cabinetry or design. I LOVE the history and stories it tells!! 🙂 My only concession with my sweet husband is we can paint the cabinets. (He wanted to gut all cabinets and rebuild it all…he really is soooo sweet!) 🙂 FYI…there are very few cabinets and absolutely no counter space. The kitchen is requiring either adding cabinets or being creative. OK…I bet you can guess, I like the creative choice!! I have been finding wonderful vintage kitchen pieces/some shabby chic farmhouse style pieces and slowly piecing it together. I have LOVED the items the Lord has led me to!!

My son has been helping to set up the new hutch. He is washing all the china sets and other pieces that are coming out of the old China hutch (that is lovely but doesn’t match at all!) to helping me set up the new farm style shabby chic hutch. I LOVE this new hutch!! This piece not only fits the style of the room but the size of the space!! And when we remove the old china hutch, the room will open up completely!! PTL!! This piece is perfect for our kitchen!! My sweet husband is also retro fitting in beautiful cut glass shelve to beautifully create additional shelves and we will change out all knobs soon to antique glass knobs that match the houses antique glass doorknobs. And VOILA!!! Beautiful!!!

Because of my slowdown and needing to be involved in the organization…this is truly requiring a patience that I wasn’t sure I had. 🙂 But PTL, God is teaching me much these days!!

And as my sweet son finishes up his part of the kitchen organization…I will soon be finishing up my office/dining/scrapbooking and stamping/homeschool area once back on my feet. It has literally been this:


My hope is to finish it not only with the be all end all of organization and efficiency…but that it would be visually pleasing and encouraging to my family as well as myself! 🙂 I am sure you can all relate. I want to be in there and enjoy the time working. And I also want people to come in and be blessed!! It needs to be inviting, fun and encouraging as well as being a very efficient use of space!! Truly a productive environment!! (Oh…I forgot to say, as of right now…this is Squeakems’ home too!!)

I have made several trips to the Container Store, Target, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for inspiration! Also, I have read much online: magazines, blogs, articles, etc. I highly advise this! Be sure of what you want to accomplish. Set a budget. Make a Project sheet/board with the list of needs, wants and realities. Then begin your journey of measuring twice before instituting. And planning, planning, planning!! 🙂

Take all those wonderful inspirations and information…see what is stored in the attic or basement that you can repurpose or even redesign and implement. Then make a list of what is needing purchased. FYI-I LOVE Goodwill, thrift stores, Craigslist and estate sales…it satisfies the frugalista in me!! 🙂 Most of my beautiful pieces come from these types of places. They are always fun and unique!! Always what draws friends in when they visit!! 😉 LOVE THIS!!!

Next I also will go to Target (pronounced Tar-zhe’), Wal-Mart (pronounced Wal mar zhe’) 😉 and the Dollar Tree for all the other bits and pieces. I am a bit picky about the quality, colors and style. So this part takes a bit of time. And I LOVE anything organizational  that looks good!! Be smart about this…though I love organizational items…they must fit the need, theme/style and color as well as budget.  And of course it MUST be on sale or I can use a coupon of significant value!! 😉

Please go to my part two for the rest of this story!! 🙂

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,


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