Good Afternoon…

fruits and veggies

Hello Dear Friends,

I have posted some articles that have some interesting information in them. I unfortunately over did a little yesterday so not only am I a bit tired and feeling the soreness….I also am a bit groggy. My sweet family is allowing me to rest and keep feet up today. I am thankful for the rest today though I am missing church! But no matter what scripture tells us, He never leaves us or forsakes us.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

So I/we are not alone and He truly comforts those in need. PTL!!!

Today the article about organic (heirloom) tomatoes is such an encouragement. Yes….we need healthy food!!  After just having basically tumors removed along with my thyroid last week, I am and have been concerned about our food.

We live next to a very large farmer in our area. A very kind and sweet man. But he uses chemicals to treat for pests in his crops. This is the second large farmer I know that they live in their fields and both wives have had breast cancer. Honestly, this is not coincidental. It is very disheartening to see what we do in America in the name of big business. And in defense of our neighbor…it is hard, extremely hard to be a farmer.

PTL on the other side of our home there are cattle fields and we are not totally encased in large scale farming. We have a bit of land around our property and we triple filter all water into the sink. We also have been looking into softening our water without chemicals. And at the same time another step in reducing chemicals.

So how do we keep our gardens, orchard, berry patches….etc. clean? We have re-dug our well last Summer. We use natural filters such as trees and bushes as wind blocks. We also are organic in all we plant and grow. We allow our poultry to “free range” and only supplement carefully when we are at the worst drought, etc. It takes effort…but well worth it.

I LOVE fresh veggies from the gardens!! And my dear sweet husband plants a massive garden in the back pasture. And I have my fun little (though large compared to most) patio garden. I plant year round and am so thankful for all the Lord provides for our family!!

Each Summer I plant lots and lots of basil!! YUM!!! I LOVE homemade pesto…and so does my family!! We use our beautiful pecans from our trees, our lovely basil and add yummy garlic, olive oil and Parmesan  Throw it all in the chopper and then add Himalayan sea salt and pepper to taste! 😉 We literally make gallons at a time!! I then bag in small snack plastic baggies or sandwich baggies enough for a lunch/dinner meal for our family then put all sealed baggies in one large freezer quality plastic bag. I also make a casein free version as well for our son. I will then have beautiful healthy pesto all Winter…until Summer bounty comes again!! 😉

Occasionally I have made a cilantro pesto…just substituting cilantro for basil. By Spring if we run out, a sweet dear friend of mine has gardens and gardens of cilantro. She is so kind and shares so I can keep making our yummy healthy pesto!! But our family also LOVES cilantro and if I don’t need it for pesto…I find all the other yummy recipes to add it all to!! 😉

So in light of the previous posting…do as much as possible to keep your eating organic, non genetically modified/altered, raw and fresh!! 😉 YUM!!!

OK…lunch is about ready!! Leftover eggplant tomato sauce with fresh bulb green onions, yellow cherry tomatoes and garlic added for that raw crunchy flavor served over beautiful healthy ww penne pasta!! Topped with feta tomato basil cheese/Parmesan from last night’s dinner!!!  YUM-MY!!! 😉 PTL for such healthy and good food!!!

OH….tonight’s dinner is Korean Bulgolgi lettuce wraps topped with bean sprouts, grated carrots, bulb green onions and sesame seeds!! YUM-MY!!! 🙂

I pray your family eats healthy and lovely meals on this day in the Lord,



PS-Sorry…the only pic I could find from last year…a bit unorganized corner! 😉 Just one little corner of my patio garden. As you can see I use every spot possible! Even the walls have beautiful flowers and herbs growing too!! 🙂 (Usually more organized and decorative..;)) You too  can have fresh fruits, veggies and herbs in simple patio pot gardens!! Easy peasy! Large pots (herbs love deep pots…especially basil), organic soil, clean water and beautiful start-lings or seeds. Voila!! The Lord’s bounty blesses!!

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