Children and education…

Prov. 3 5

Hello Dear Friends,

Do you think much about education? It seems it is a common thought/concern…especially for parents. As a certified teacher and a homeschool mom of three blessings, education has been a huge part of my life.  My mom was a teacher as well and growing up all her friends and even some of our neighbors were also in education. 🙂 I ended up working for a kind gentleman down the street whose daughter and I were friends. As I child I even broke my arm playing at their house. 🙂

When I worked for the district teaching Special Ed., we didn’t know about each other until I went to his retirement party. My last name had changed with marriage and he was head of the Special Ed. dept. and I just wasn’t aware. Life is full of these moments…and I was so thankful to know he was head of the dept. and ultimately my boss. Such a kind and Godly man who truly had a wonderful heart for children. What a blessing!!

Now that said…I think the Lord has these amazing connections that help to mold our futures. Who would have thought that 10-year-old little girl playing at her neighbor’s house would one day work for the father of that home? Life in this world is like that. The Lord is preparing each of us in each encounter we have. I am always awe-struck at who the Lord moves on in my life and who He brings back into my life.

This last week with all the “rest” 🙂 I have had a lot of time to think about our youngest child’s final years in her academic career here at home. She will enter high school soon. She is my quietest sweetie. Beautiful, gentle, artistic…ok I’m a Mom and love her so very much!! All the more reason to pray and seek the Lord and His will for her life. She is much younger than our first two. And with us living in the country and the older two busy with college….she really is in need of more interaction. The older two had each other as well as their younger sister to play and interact with.

I have always encouraged parents through the years to pray each year for the Lord’s will…whether to public school, private school or homeschool. I am always amazed as I have worked with so many wonderful children and parents through the years…either in friendships, classes I have taught or private tutoring to see the Lord’s mighty hand at work!! I am humbled to have known so many fine people through the years!!

So in regards to praying for our youngest sweetie….the Lord is leading us back into a 1 day a week out Christian classroom environment. We have struggled with these types of environments through the years. We are a bit more aggressive in our studies. Our two oldest are both in college with 4.0 gpa’s. The oldest daughter is studying engineering after attending Bible college and our son is studying History and has begun his ministry studies. Both were “overly” educated and way beyond prepared. 🙂 Honestly…I was a bit anxious to be sure all bases were covered. 🙂 I cannot complain…the Lord was amazingly gracious in His provisions, gifts and talents of the two oldest!! I am thrilled to say…they have far exceeded their brilliant father and I by far. And too much is given much is required!! So it will be super exciting to see all the Lord will be doing in their lives!!

Now…our youngest is talented and gifted in different ways. She is more artistic and loves to smell the roses!! Honestly she would even rather take pictures of the roses than scientific study of the history of the roses and varieties, care, etc. 🙂 And with my LOVE of photography and my own weak but fun artistic bend…I completely understand!! She needs an environment to participate and expand that lovely creative mind of hers. 🙂

I LOVED music and played multiple instruments since I was in kindergarten. I also LOVED choir and singing with my church. I also LOVED art and then mostly photography since drawing and painting didn’t look as I envisioned. 🙂 And at different times of owning craft based/textile related businesses….it would only be normal for this little sunshine to need a more creative place to grow.

So as I prayed this week…the Lord had an old email hit and I actually saw it!! 😉 You know how some go into spam or we just easily click and delete(always working hard to have all ‘organized’). Anyways…this dear and sweet educational ministry’s email was sent. Then my sweet husband suggested something similar for our youngest. The Lord works in such amazing ways!! He always wants us to know His will for our lives and for our children!! PTL!!!

So the journey begins. I contacted this very sweet woman I met years ago in this ministry. (It’s great to have the older two to run the property on these off property days!!) The classes meet in the city not far from my husband’s work. So he is super excited we would all go into the city together. 🙂 And this dear, sweet and kind woman invited for us to connect after I sent a quick inquiry on the program. What a blessing!! And she immediately remembered us and has already made us feel welcomed!!

The Lord is so good in this journey on earth. Col. 3:2 He has a plan!! Jer. 29:11 We must continually get on our knees and seek His will!! These wonderful encounters are so heaven sent to help us find His will in our lives!! Even our children’s educational needs. PTL!!!

I pray each of you are seeking the Father and His will in your lives…and your children’s lives. He loves you so and has truly great plans for each of you!! Prov. 3:5-6

Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord,



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