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It is often advised that we eat cultured, probiotic-rich foods at every meal. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in large quantities, but incorporating them into every meal is helpful for digestion and myriad other things.And what better way to start your day than with a nice dose of cultured goodness? There are many tasty options available, some obvious and some not-so-obvious.

Cultured Dairy

A very common cultured food to eat at breakfast is cultured dairy, usually in the form of yogurt or kefir. Here is a plethora of ideas to incorporate these tasty cultured foods into your breakfast:

Smoothies. Combine kefir, dairy, or other cultured milk product with fruit and blend. It truly can be that simple, and delicious. You can also mix things up with cocoa powder and vanilla extract, pumpkin plus cinnamon, or peanut butter and bananas.

Parfaits. Layer up thick yogurt with granola or nuts and fresh or dried fruit. Present it in a lovely clear glass with raw honey drizzled over the top for some extra deliciousness.

Cultured Butter or Sour Cream. Cultured butter may just be one of the easiest things to consume for breakfast. If you cook it you will kill the enzymes and probiotics, so melt it gently over pancakes or waffles, spread it on toast or potatoes, or wrap it up in a tortilla with honey for a real treat. Sour cream can be used much the same as butter, or you can serve it with some southwestern egg scrambles.

Cream Cheese or Labneh. Spread delicious cream cheese or labneh(yogurt cheese) on a bagel or toast. Both creamy cheeses can also be flavored with herbs or fruit and make great dips for fruit and vegetables.

Cultured Vegetables & Condiments

A lot of westerners think sweet when they think breakfast, but a savory breakfast can actually start the day off a bit better since it usually contains more protein and less sugar. So consider adding some cultured vegetables or lacto-fermented condiments to your breakfast.

Salsa & Guacamole. Try lacto-fermented salsa with your eggs and a dollop of probiotic guacamole for a real southwestern treat.

Sauerkraut. Just a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut next to your omelet can be a fun and tasty variation to the same-old-same-old.

Fruit Chutney. A fermented fruit chutney pairs well with the cultured dairy mentioned above. Or put a little on a piece of sourdough with cultured butter.

Ketchup. If you must have ketchup with your eggs or potatoes then make it fermented.

Fermented Grains

A lot of us enjoy a bread product for breakfast, but you can make it even better when you use a soured or fermented grain product.

Sourdough Bread. A thick slice of sourdough bread with cultured butteris a great accompaniment to the morning eggs.

Sourdough Pancakes or Waffles. Making sourdough pancakes or wafflescan be as easy as combining some sourdough starter with a few other ingredients, cooking, and serving.

Sourdough Muffins. If you plan the night before you can make delicious, warm sourdough muffins hot from the oven in the morning

Fermented Oat Porridge. If you love oatmeal and would like it a bit easier to digest then try this perpetual fermented porridge where you’ll have some ready whenever you want it.


We all start the day out a bit dehydrated, so getting in a lacto-fermented beverage first thing in the morning can add some extra punch to your day.

Beet Kvass. Some people swear by this fermented tonic as their first beverage of the day.

Lacto-Fermented Orange Soda. Try this alternative to the everyday orange juice for some extra bubbles and probiotics.

Coffee Kombucha. Get your morning coffee and kombucha in one withthis unique fermented beverage.

If you’re aiming to get more cultured foods into your diet there is no reason you couldn’t start at breakfast. A piece of sourdough bread with cultured butter, a bowl of yogurt, or a glass of coffee kombucha make great additions to the most important meal of the day.


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