A change of theme…

Hello Dear Friends,

I did a quick theme change!! I hope you enjoy this new design. 🙂 I LOVE this one!! I raise birds myself.

Just to encourage you a bit…they do not take up much space and aren’t too expensive to keep.

My Squeakems is a Sun Conure. He was born in July and is still a youngin’. He is very loud and sweet as can be!! His feathers are still changing as when they are born, their head feathers have lots of green in it. Image

As you can see in the pic above.

Over time they turn to a brilliant red/orange or yellow as seen here. Image

He is very, very active and very, very smart.

He is so stinkin’ smart to know when I walk on our wood floors or if I put the feet down on my recliner. My husband has the exact same chair but it is mine he calls out on. CUTE!! 😉

Each morning I open the blanket from his night’s sleep. If I do not go right away, he will squeak and squawk until I give him his needed morning hellos. 🙂 If I do not come right away…he will even wolf call and then make his “kisses” calls. Our oldest daughter doesn’t like him as he can be loud. But one day she heard his last ditch calls and laughed. He had won her respect! 🙂

Squeakems LOVES mango and waits every morning for his “treat” before he eats his breakfast. Once he has his mango, he rushes over to have me hold him and pet him. Then he runs back to his perch and eats his breakfast.

When my husband and I first married…our first birds were ‘Love Birds’….no really they were! 🙂 So when I saw this template…it made me remember. So lovely!! 🙂

We also have an English Budgie that is our son’s bird. He is very quiet and sedentary. It is a beautiful bird and very tame for him. I also have raised parrot-lets (pocket parrots). When I lost my sweet old good friend Mr. Knightly this fall, I knew I would only replace him with a little larger different type of parrot. So then came Squeakems.

I am thankful as I have genuinely loved my little guys. And have provided much love and friendship. I hope you have some special pets to love and be loved by.



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