Today is a good day!!


Hello Dear Friends,

I am home and doing well. As some of you know, I have had thyroid surgery this last weekend. A very special thank you to all who prayed! Your well wishes and encouragements are such a blessing!! Everything is good so far!! PTL!! I am now just having a hard time “resting” and wanting to get back into swing. I am suppose to rest at least this week. But I am already a bit stir crazy. Today I did sleep allot and will need to rest until at least the stitches are removed. Then my to do list gets big!! 😉

The one thing I can do by tonight…is type!! So tomorrow I will begin working on making my lists of small projects and then larger projects. All in the Lord’s time.

We were blessed to have many wonderful people at the hospital. My doctor was amazing!! And I also met many incredible nurses who took excellent care of me. I am soooo thankful!!

Our sweet children did a great job on preparing for us to come home. They also came and visited us at the hospital. What a blessing!!

Overall, I am glad this is a one time thing…but thankful to the Lord for His provision in our sweet family and friends support and prayers, a good doctor, good hospital and terrific staff!! The Lord is greatly to be praised!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,



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