Today’s journey…

Hello Friends,

Today I went to see my surgeon and then to check into the hospital for surgery first thing tomorrow morning. I was so encouraged to see the Lord’s provision for tomorrow. Not only is my surgeon a very experienced, wise and skilled surgeon, he made a point to listen to my questions. He realized my artery is in the wrong place and exactly where he would cut tomorrow. So he took the time to investigate personally through an ultrasound. This is the third dr and two times having an ultrasound through a lab and no one caught this issue. And as we deliberated about surgery as there was a small window to wait…this morning he found another nodule…on the “good side”. So with that, the Lord has not only provided a skillful surgeon but also confirmation to move forward.

The icing on the cake today…the dr. shared he is also a Christian! Being so conservative and quiet I was quite taken aback that he would share something so personal. But today as I met with the dr. and then met multiple people who administered multiple pre-surgery tests. In this journey today, I realized not many people claim Christ as their Savior. I was so happy to share my excitement with the coming celebration of Resurrection Sunday…Easter. Even though I will barely be home from the hospital, I am happy to know…my Savior lives!! He paid the debt for my sin so that I could live in heaven with Him after this life on earth….but even more amazing, He is here to guide and help me through this life on earth. I do not know what you believe….but I know that I know, Jesus lives and He lives in my heart. And as I go into surgery tomorrow….He goes before me to prepare the way and will never leave me or forsake me!! 🙂 Those concepts are taught in the Bible. If you have a chance…go to and search those concepts to see for yourself…or even look it up in a Bible and highlight those verses. What an amazing God I serve!!

As I finish this posting, you may or may not believe in the Bible, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I met a sweet young lady today who is Jewish. So she does not believe Jesus is Messiah. What a lovely chat we had all about Easter and what she believed and all my dear and sweet Jewish and Messianic Jewish friends. Even when we enter to what people see as a frightening time (surgery and tumor discussions)….I am thankful for the grace my Lord gives me to not only go through this with His guidance…but to be able to share His light and Joy as I met each person along the way. When I parted with this absolutely sweet…though initially a very reserved young lady, she blessed me by stating as she left…”You’re so sweet!”. My only answer to that is the Lord is so sweet and I pray that I can represent Him well…so that all who see me, will see Him only and all He has done in my life. His will….not mine.

After all these ramblings…what is the purpose to this personal account or post you may be asking? Well…..thank you for staying with me to this point in this grammatically incorrect writing.:) I just would love to ask you a question today…as I face surgery tomorrow and make all the preparations for all my family…

“If you died tonight, where would you go? Where or who does your hope lie?”

My hope is in the Savior, who paid the price for my…and your sins too!! 🙂 All we have to do is trust Him, ask for forgiveness for our sins (things we have done that are against God’s will for our lives and others) and walk day by day living to know and trust Him in a personal way…through knowing the Word (Jesus…John 1:1). No matter what anyone tells you…it is all about a relationship with Christ and sharing His love with others!! 🙂

As I told my children when they were young….the Lord is with you always. He is there when you go to bed, ready to chat and waiting each morning at the foot of your bed ready to help you through your day. He died for us all!! We just have to accept He is God’s Son…Messiah and know He wants a relationship with each of us. Honestly…it is that simple.

It was joy today as it is every day to share the love of Jesus!! 🙂 I am not forcing information on others..but just trying to care for each person I am humbled and honored to meet. It is a great opportunity with each person you meet…to either bless or burden other people. I am very human and have difficult days or moments as life can be difficult…but we choose each day who and or what we will serve. Even when we don’t choose….we choose.

So though I won’t be able to talk for a while…I know it will be my honor to humbly share the joy of Jesus!! I give Him thanks and praise in the good things and in the difficult/bad things. No matter what, my Lord reigns!!

One more quick question…who or what reigns in your life?

I pray I have not offended you as a reader…but understand that this is a personal account of my life with Christ. I pray I have encouraged you to if nothing else…stop and think about where you are in your life and what you believe. 🙂

Have a wonderful, wonderful Resurrection Sunday…Happy Easter!!



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