Wow…time flies!! previously posted 8/08/12

Hello Dear Friends,

I have been so busy getting so much done these days!! My sweet husband has been at the finishing point of a very large project at work and having to be there more days and hours than usual. Our well went out and we have been drilling and putting in a new well on our property. And then I have been applying to work part time teach. PTL we have been blessed in all these things!! The Lord is so good!!

I also have been preparing for you my sweet youngest’s schoolwork. As well as our two oldest preparing for another semester of college. WOW…..when did they all grow so quickly!! I love my time with my children. But I am also loving this new phase in our lives. I really struggled with the thought of what to do as my children grew up. And I can see the Lord helping us to work together as a family as we all transition into all these new phases and schedules. As well as seeing all the Lord’s provisions in our family!! God is truly awesome!!! I am humbled and thankful!!

Now…all that being said, I have so much to get done!! ;) Please pray with me as we all prepare to go back to school! I image everyone is in the same “getting all things done” phase. Plus Fall is just around the corner!! I have so much gardening to get done. With our well going out, I lost some of my veggies, herbs and fruit. My sweet husband said today we lost many grapes and trees in the back pasture. I cannot write how wonderful it is to have water!! Truly a simple farmer’s prayer. The Lord truly meets our needs just when we need help!! :)

I pray each of you are very efficiently preparing for this time of the year!! Just think…so the beautiful colors of gold, red, brown and orange will dot out skies and then gently blow to the earth. These beautiful leaves our Lord created with such glorious color will soon help create the soil/compost we will need for next Spring’s beautiful burst of color and bounty for our tables!! Isn’t God great!!!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,



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