What a lovely day to praise the Lord…written 7/15/12

Hello Friends,

I pray each of you are having a wonderful day in the Lord!! Today at church the pastor taught on the temptations of Christ. He also asked the question ’who are we’? I thought about this blog. We all write a quick bio…one that we introduce ourselves and briefly define…’who we are’. By the end of the sermon he clearly gave us a couple of thoughts.

1) We are children of God.

2) We are made in the image of God.

How simple is that!! As we look at our day to day. We all have struggles and triumphs. Satan tried to tempt Jesus in Luke 4. If we kknow Jesus as Savior we can keep this perspective and know who created us and for what purpose. If we also look at our actions and focus on the long term affects of them. Then we can find peace and joy in those 2 items listed above!! What a great God we serve!! What a wonderful gift of His Word!! And if we are to know Him better, we must study the Word (Jesus and the Bible…see John 1 to see the connection.) We are to be like Christ….as Christians. So studying the life of Jesus and His Word then we can better know how to keep perspective of who we are and how we are act in the struggles and the triumphs!!

After church we then drove by and saw my parents as they were leaving on a trip. They missed church as they were already supposed to be gone. My Dad found out we were coming to visit their church and he wanted to come. My Mom was sweet and said give them room…but he was so cute to piddle in leaving!! He knew we were coming by to pick up a couple of things we left at their home. Then to my husband’s favorite Sunday after church go to. We went to the store to pickup popcorn and my sweet hubby gets a soda. The rest of us do not drink sodas….except on an occassion my oldest daughter will. Much to my shagrin. :) Then we go for a lovely drive.

Today on the way home we did run a few errands. And it is always fun to be together!! Now we are home to nap and then watch our Spurs in a Summer game. What a lovely enlightening day to study the Word, be with family and then rest to prepare for the week the Lord has before us!! The Lord is truly awesome to design man and also example to us we all need a day of rejuvenation spiritually and physically!!

What a great God we serve…have a wonderful day in the Lord,



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