Today’s Crock Pot Creation and Yummy Dessert previously posted 3/24/13

Happy Palm Sunday Dear Friends,

Today was a colder weather than we have been having!! We woke up to large wind gusts and chilly weather. WOW!!! We have literally been in the 80′s and actually hit 90 this last week, so this morning’s change was a bit of a surprise. We have been so busy to see the weather news these days and then to wake up to this change was a fun morning!!

Unfortunately all the new gardens will have to be protected tonight as freezes will be here for a few nights. And with Sunday’s being busy…it did add to our plans today. But with all the people not enjoying hot temperatures yet…this is a blessing!! :)

With this gusty cold weather, I decided we needed a good hearty soup!! I started by puree-ing 8 tomatoes and a cup of garlic cloves! I have used my Ninja blender. (This is a very inexpensive tool and yet does the work of my more expensive blenders! Well worth the purchase and easy to clean when finished.) And yes….we do LOVE garlic!! I also chopped 12 baby (good sized) bella mushrooms and threw it all in the crock pot on high. I chopped some green onions…about 2 bunches. And I chopped a lovely bunch of organic kale from our local market. I was going to add potatoes and carrots and make it more like a stew. Then as I looked at this beautiful crock pot of healthy yumminess I decided…hmmm pasta sauce! So I then browned some lean ground beef and added it to the pot. I also had some lovely Sicilian spices, salt and pepper that went beautifully with all in the pot.

Later I will add chopped black olives, some lovely organic tomato paste and some of our yummy chopped pecans from our small orchard!! I have found that it is a wonderfully tasty addition to add pecans or walnuts to pasta sauces. It stretches my meat budget and is a terrifically healthy protein source for my family. Literally my mouth is watering as I write this!! :)

I will salt some water and boil some quinoa pasta that I was blessed to buy on sale at Walmart for $.50 a box!! (Usually this brand is closet to $4.00 per box.) I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I asked the employee if this was correct…she said yes!! And I went back and bought every box on the shelf!! Woo Hoo!!! I love finding wonderfully healthy things and then to find them on sale!! What a blessing!!!

For those who can have dairy, I will top all of this delightful dish with shredded Parmesan!! And we will add some healthy (fermented) sour dough bread. And that is what is for dinner tonight!! :)

Then for dessert I am making apple pecan oatmeal cobbler. We had oatmeal and steel cut oats for breakfast today!! They were both lovely and hearty. So I looked at my leftovers and tried to decide what to make. I decided a nice apple oatmeal crisp topped with pecans will be lovely!! Nothing goes to waste…but if things are not enjoyed or the food starts to go bad, our chickens are in hog heaven and treated to some kitchen scraps! :)

This isn’t a “recipe” but more of an encouragement to take what you have in your fridge and find a way to make an easy, healthy, great meal for your sweet family!!





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