Starting Sourdough starters…previously posted 3/03/13

Hello Friends,

I pray each of you are having a good week!! The weekend is coming!!

I have had a crazy busy week and I am running a little slow these days…but the Lord is with me.

Silly me, I decided to start almost all my starters this last Monday. I must encourage you to not dive in full blast…especially if you are too busy. I did save my yogurt cultures until it slows down. :)

I began one existing kombucha starter. The tea is brewing away!!! And then I started a dehydrated starter. It is in the rehydration stage. This one I am not sure yet…but we will see. :)

I have been battling the sourdough starters. With our cold weather it has been challenging. I not only started a white sourdough or Australian sourdough (more rustic/artisan bread like), I also started a gluten-free brown rice sourdough bread. With our GF/Casein free/peanut free family member, finding good healthy bread ideas is so difficult. Also, making gf bread gets a little tasteless or hard as a rock if you are not careful. ;) Oh…you also must keep these two starters in different parts of the kitchen due to cross contamination of the yeast cultures. As well as not having them close to the Kombucha as well. It truly is a dance!! :)

My cultures are fighting along…according to sweet Anita the online support person. She has graciously sent me all kinds of good information. Now it is my feeble tired mind’s job to sort through all this information and utilize what will work. :) I will keep you posted on how all goes!!

The Lord is wonderful to provide all we need to take care all of our families!!

Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord,



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