Starting Cultures….previously posted 3/11/13

Hello Friends,

I am having lots and lots of fun starting cultures!!! I have had a dehydrated kombucha and an existing scoby that are doing fantastic!! I will be taking up the tea today and adding different juices so that my sweet hubby will enjoy his kombucha!! :)

I have also been able to share some of the sourdough starter to my sweet Mom. She will make sourdough pancakes…just to keep it simple!! I even made GF sourdough apple cobbler last night!! I just sorta made up the recipe!! FUN!!! My family was in hog heaven!!! I will try to sum up the recipe in my next post. Just in case you might want to make some for your family. Mine was so happy they went back for seconds and I made a huge casserole of it! Silly me, I thought we would have seconds for breakfast!! :)

I also have some sprouted almonds dehydrating in my dehydrator!! YUM!!! I LOVE these!! They are so much lighter, crunchier and healthier and everyone LOVES them!!! :) Even my Dad…though he did say they needed salt. :0 I just laughed and let him know they were healthy (I use raw nuts)!!

Then I also started my wonderful sauerkraut this weekend!! I will keep you posted to how all comes out!! It looks beautiful and will try to add pics soon.

If you haven’t tried any of these good and healthy fermented foods…I encourage you to give them a try!! Once all has been started, then you just keep it up!! Fun and easy…..and soooo much cheaper than paying for them already made. :)

Have a great day in the Lord,



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