Pictures promised!! previously posted 3/16/13

Hello Dear Friends,

Here are some of my wonderfully sprouted and fermented foods in the making!!

Soaked almonds now ready to go in the dehydrator…YUM!!!


Aren’t the almonds beautifully plump and ready to dehydrate for storage!!


Once dehydrated, I begin taking them up and storing in jars for snacks and meals.


I LOVE to store these in jars and then take some up in snack size zip-lock bags for on the go and to give to family and friends for a quick blessing!! People are always surprised how light and crunchy they are!! YUM!!!



Some of my scrumptious sauerkraut!! Sooooo easy and yummy!!! Don’t you love this jar and the top!! Amazingly easy to use!!!



A jar of my lovely sourdough bread starter!! I LOVE all I am making with this wonderful culture!! And even some gluten free sourdough for my gf family members!! PTL for such easy and lovely gifts to bless our family!!

I hope some of these pictures inspire you to give maybe one of these a try!! Honestly, if I can do this…I promise, you can do this!! Please feel free to ask any questions!! I am not an expert but I have learned some wonderful lessons and very willing to share. :)

Have a beautifully blessed day in the Lord,



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