Lovely day with the Lord and family…previously posted 7/29/12

Hello Dear Friends,

I pray each of you are having a lovely day! We are enjoying water polo, archery, fencing, soccer(football) and gymnastics!! The list is endless!! The London Olympics!! So much fun!! We even booked a hotel room in a large city nearby. We live in the country and do not have cable. So my sweet hubby and son are in hog heaven!! Even my girls are having fun!!

How amazing to see all the wonderful athletes from all over the world!! Their individual expertise of each sport is truly amazing!! We loved the opening and all the beauty of the different people the Lord created!! We are created in His image and are His workmanship!!

I watch and remember early days as a young girl and all the sports I participated in. I was on every team…even played soccer with the boys athletics!! (If you saw me today…I am such a girlie girl!!) ;)  These days….I am good to get my walk in and if really good my recumbant bike!! ;) The good ole’ days.

Nowadays….we were trying to decide what cheesecake to eat with our strawberries while watching the games!! HA!!

What  a blessing the Lord gives us even in watching these many nations to come together. Wouldn’t it be nice if this practice of goodwill could be kept throughtout all days. I imagine that is a glimpse of heaven. I can only think what it will be to see Jesus and all His children!! What a blessing to sit and chat with people from all varieties of walks, cultures and interests without war or threat of war!! OK, a bit heavy when discussing the excitement of the Olympics.

So enjoy your day resting in the Lord, loving your sweet family and if you get a chance….root on your favorite athletes!! At least it motivates me to walk and move about. As I came back up with the chocolate cheesecake from the lobby…..I danced and moved about in the elevator (by myself…praying there isn’t a security camera in the elevator!!). :)   At least a proactive activity in light of the cheesecake I was going to eat….with my healthy strawberries!!! ;)

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,



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