Leftovers for Breakfast previously posted 3/25/13

Hello Dear Friends,

This morning we enjoyed a lovely and yet easy breakfast!! Do you struggle first thing in the morning when it’s time to feed your family? I have to be honest…it is only of late that I have become a morning person. For years I didn’t even eat breakfast and taught my children how “wonderful” brunch was to eat!! ;) Now, I do understand the importance of a good breakfast and because it took time, I had to plan ahead.

I LOVE to use my Crock Pot for making breakfast!! I can make steel cut oats with coconut milk or even coconut cream…a dash of salt…1-2 t. of Mexican vanilla (if you can find this…use it!! It is sooooo good!!! I have to hunt for it..but LOVE it!! It makes the whole kitchen smell lovely and it adds a distinctive vanilla-y flavor to all my cooking!) I will sometimes add a dash of cinnamon or even nutmeg. When I wake up, I give all a good stir and then serve each family member a nice hot breakfast ready to go. I will top with a little coconut oil(we have to be careful of dairy and coconut oil is sooooo good for you!!), fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas and pecans from our small orchard or even some of my sprouted almonds chopped.

So last night for dessert I used my leftover cooked oats and cooked steel cut oats. I sprayed my pans with cooking spray, first layer chopped apples (with the skin on), sprinkled pecans(you can chop them or leave them whole), sprinkled with cinnamon, you can sprinkle also some kind of sugar or drizzle honey, then I sprinkled rolled oats, added 6-8 T. size dollops of coconut oil (again, instead of butter) and then top with the cooked leftover oats. I then topped all with some yummy slivered almonds and sprinkled a bit more cinnamon. I placed all pans in the oven and baked covered at 350 degrees for 45 minutes and then removed the covers to bake an additional 15 minutes. Do not let this get “brown” as it will be too dry and will easily burn at this stage. So stay close, set your timer and keep a check.

I serve each family member a large portion with a small sprinkling of some wonderful Vanilla Sucanat sugar. (I found this at a local gourmet shop…of course, on sale!! ;) ) I must say, for dessert I make two large lasagna casserole size pans. My family of 5 all go back for large plates of seconds. And then we had all they beautiful leftovers for breakfast!! Just not so much of the sugar toppings! :) You could also top with fresh blueberries, bananas and strawberries for breakfast!! YUM!!!

I hope this encourages you to take advantage of all those beautiful leftovers for an easy and nutritious breakfast!!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord,


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