GF Sourdough Apple Cobbler previously posted 3/11/13

With all my wonderful new sourdough, I decided to try to make something wonderfully sweet for our dessert last night for dinner. PTL!!! I came up with something that my whole family loved!!! This recipe is gluten free and casein free. I did use some organic turbinado sugar but if you use a wee bit more cinnamon, you do not need as much sugar!!! :) So make the substitutions as needed for your family as needed!! :) By the way, the use of quinoa flour adds wonderful protein and nutrients!! So choose wisely and enjoy your beautiful gift of something sweet and healthy for your sweet family!! :)


GF Sourdough Apple Cobbler

by Healthy Living 4 Him


8-10 large red organic apples

1 cup pecans

1/2 cup coconut oil

1 cup coconut milk (or as much as needed)

1 cup of gf sourdough starter

1/2 cup olive oil

1-2 T. cinnamon

1/2-1 cup organic turbinado sugar (or as much as you desire)

1 cup quinoa flour

2 farm fresh eggs

Chop apples with skin on (I clean my apples with a water and white vinegar rinse and wash clean before chopping.) and place in bowl. (we like small 1-2 inch chunks). Chop pecans. Place all chopped yummies in bowl. Add sugar and cinnamon. Mix bowl ingredients completely. Pour into a well sprayed (cooking oil) large casserol dish. Once in pan dot with 1-2 t. size spoonfuls of coconut oil.

Place quinoa flour, beaten eggs, olive oil and gf sourdough in bowl…mix well. Slowly add in coconut milk until the mixture is the consistency of pancake batter. You can also add a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar as desired. Pour ontop of chopped mixture in casserole dish. Bake covered in foil oven for 45 minutes and then remove foil cover and cook until golden brown.

Top with coconut ice cream or some turbinado vanilla sugar!! YUM!!!!

Recipe makes 8 servings. Unless it is my men going back and back!! :)


Have a wonderful week in the Lord,


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