Finding Treasures previously posted 3/23/13

Good day Dear Friends,

Today I have been continuing in my home preparation and project finishing. I will be having surgery Good Friday and want all in order. So this morning, I decided I was very tired after driving to 5 different towns running errands yesterday….WHEW! So I went through all my cord boxes and instantly found my phone to computer cord. I could finally download all the pics off my camera. (Helpful hint: I couldn’t remember if I had this cord because my organized box was not readily accessible. So today, these will find a new home in my newly organized shelf by my newly organized desk!! YEA!!!) WOW!!! I hadn’t realized but they had grown to over 400 pictures! YIKES!!! ;)So be sure you have a back up or download plan to enjoy all your lovely and fun pictures!!

So when I downloaded the pics, I found this beautiful glistening picture of our pear apples…or we call them perapples.

Our pear apples

Aren’t they just lovely!! Freshly washed waiting for my fun recipe plans!! I made a lovely perapple crisp! My family loved it and wished we had more to eat!!

Unfortunately, our chickens like to fly up in the trees and munch away!! It is always quite a show watching them try to outfox my sweet husband and watching my sweet husband get ready for the battling job of keeping the chickens out of his orchards!! He is soooo cute!!

If you don’t have lots of time for gardens and such…fruit or nut bearing trees are a great and easy alternative!! You will love the lovely fresh fruit and your friends and family will think your working oh so hard!! (Of course…you don’t work hard, unless you are battling your chickens! :) HA! )

Have a wonderful day in the Lord,



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