Crockpot Marathon…previously posted 3/02/13

Hello Friends,

I have been on a crockpot marathon! I have every size they make of crockpot…even a three pot crockpot. :) I love using them for the occassional stew or chili…even soup. I genuinely use almost everyone of them when we celebrate special dinners…Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving with friends!! They are super easy and save us so much money as well as work!!!

I was watching the television…Rachel Ray cooking show. She had a sweet gal (Stephanie O’Dea)on her show who took on the challenge of using her crockpot every day!! I LOVE that!!! I have truly tried to do something similar for the last week.

Monday-chicken and dumpling


Wednesday-roast with potatoes, carrots and onions

Thursday-GF Steele cut oats and coconut milk

Friday-GF/CF Swedish Potatoes

It has been huge to help out!!! I have also purchased from Amazon two of the young woman’s cookbooks: Make It Fast, Cook It Slow and More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow. I am very excited to find some yummy recipes!! :)

Over the weekend, I plan to make some stewed apples with yummy oatmeal crisp topping and the apples were on sale at the local market yesterday!! :)And then Sunday, I will make a scrumptious pinto beans to serve with rice, green onions/cheese (for those who can have cheese). It is great!! I supplement with all kinds of raw and fermented fruits, dairy and veggies!! YUM!!!

I hope if you have a crockpot, you will break it out. Let it do all the work for you and save you lots of money tomorrow night for dinner!!

Now off to plan menus with my new books for next week!! YEA!!!

Have a great week in the Lord,


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