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Effort Plus Motivation Equals Rewards

Have you ever noticed that the goals that are worthwhile in life take effort to achieve? For instance, most of us want to be healthy and fit, OR successful at our jobs, OR be financially comfortable, OR be known for accomplishing something special.

You can’t do any of those things without putting in some effort.

We read success stories about the individual who took off 50 pounds, or the young woman who now runs a Fortune 500 company, or the retired teacher that organized a super successful food drive for disadvantaged families in her community. What those articles sometimes fail to mention is this…it took work and effort for those accomplishments.

My husband often says, ‘Little effort equals little rewards, and big effort equals big rewards’. If we know the correct things to do and we’re willing to put in the effort, there is a much better chance that we will obtain the ultimate goals we seek, along with the rewards and accolades that often follow.

In order to put in that effort, sometimes we just need that little push–that little piece of motivation to keep us going.

That’s why it’s important to have motivating factors in your life. I recommend your very own personal cheerleaders. These people can be your spouse, your sister-in-law, a good friend–anyone who will not only be happy for your accomplishments, but who will also give you a pat on the back once in awhile, or a little friendly push when you’re falling behind.

I also recommend interim rewards, like enjoying a cold lemonade, hanging out on Facebook for 15 minutes, or reading your favorite magazine AFTER you accomplish one of your many daily goals.

Sometimes music is motivating for me…I can get my house cleaned a whole lot quicker if ‘Hey Soul Sister’ is playing in the background.

Making my goals a game is also motivating…seeing how quickly I can get tasks accomplished by setting a timer and attempting to beat it, or basing the number of tulips I plant in an afternoon on the number of times my daughter can jump rope without stopping.

Remember, effort plus motivation go hand in hand. You’ll put in more effort if you’re motivated to do so…and if you’re motivated to do so, you’ll reap the many rewards!



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